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God is Infinite Reality, whereas the cosmos is infinite illusion. But both are not infinite in the same sense. God is One Infinite and illusion is infinite in numbers. God is Infinite Unity and illusion is infinite duality. Always God is. All along illusion is not. Illusion or no illusion, God remains beginningless and endless, while illusion has a beginning in illusion and it also ends in illusion.

The infinite illusion includes an infinite number of suns, stars, moons, planets and worlds. The whole of the creation goes on evolving ad infinitum in illusion.

Take for instance the head of a man with innumerable hairs growing over the same skull. When all hairs are shaved off, the growth of hair does not cease; the hairs reappear and cover the head all over again. Even when the head becomes bald, it is only the hairs which disappear; the head remains a head.

Compared to the one head, the hairs, although innumerable, have next to no value. They may appear and disappear without any difference to the value of the head as such. The value attached to the hair is mostly decorative, as a means of attraction and as a lure of self-satisfaction.

The individual mind is capable of containing, emanating and absorbing an infinite number of thoughts. In fact, all energy and all matter are but the outcome of the mind itself.

(Lord Meher, New volume –p-3824)

The way this world is, everything you see or experience is part of illusion. Now, illusion means what? Illusion means it's in the realm of duality. So no matter what you say, the opposite will also be there. If you have hot, you also have to have cold. It cannot be helped; there is no way out of it, because that's the nature of duality, of illusion. But the truth, the whole truth, is beyond duality. And that is why Baba stressed love because love is the experience of unity in the midst of duality. Do you know that quote of Muhammad's I like to say, are you familiar with it? "Harmony is the imprint of oneness upon multiplicity." Baba once said we should strive for union or real harmony, which is union in diversity.

(That how it was-p. 52, 1995)