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Clarifying the meaning and status of the mandali, Baba stated:

Only those few male and female lovers who have been with me all these years through thick and thin are my mandali. All others outside Meherazad and Meherabad are my lovers.

I rank my mandali second only to Mehera; then there are the lovers, and then the world. Daily, without fail, I am invoking myself about Mehera, the mandali, the lovers and the world, in that order.

Baba did not mention what he was invoking himself, but he emphasized:

I am the Greatest of the Great. Goher tells me to allow Bhau to stay with his family for one month in Ahmednagar. I do not agree to this because Bhau belongs to the mandali, and my mandali are something special. Similarly, I do not allow Francis to go back to Australia to look after Avatar's Abode and the attached property, considering that Francis is of the mandali and with me for so many years in my service.

Kaikobad too is of my mandali, despite his divine visions and physical disability. That is why I have not sent him to Meherabad to stay with his family on the hill.

All these years, I have held on to the mandali and the mandali have served me and are serving me splendidly. They will not let me down like the apostles of Christ did.

I am the greatest of the Avatars, because my manifestation will be while I am in the body. During the next six months, there will be occasions for the mandali to forsake me, but I will not allow that to happen.

Similarly, I want the mandali to hold on to my daaman.

At the time of my manifestation, my mandali will be with me — except for two or three who will pass away before the manifestation.

Many years ago Baba had foretold: "There will be fourteen with me at the end." Coincidentally, there were fourteen individuals with him at Meherazad at this particular time, namely the six women: Mehera, Mani, Naja, Goher, Meheru and Rano. The eight men were Eruch, Pendu, Baidul, Kaka, Kaikobad, Aloba, Bhau and Francis.

Others, who were living their li  MANDALIves within the limits of day-to-day personal orders given to them by Baba, included those mandali at Meherabad: Padri, Sidhu, Mansari, Walu, Sushila (Vishnu's cousin) and Kaikobad's family. The mandali at Khushru Quarters were Adi, his sister Dolly, Don, Feram and the Kalchuri family; and Sarosh and Chhagan were residing in Ahmednagar. (Lord Meher-p-5371-1968)