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It is said “To err is human.” One is not perfect till he attains Godhood hence anyone is likely to make mistakes intentionally or unintentionally. One should always be bold and ready to accept one’s mistake. This act is not a sign of a weak but a brave. This is also the repentance which helps one to lower the burden of sanskaras and reduce one’s ego.

Finding an excuse for one’s fault or lapse as Baba’s will is correct in real sense because Baba’s will is the destiny which superimposes over everything, one’s every thought, word and action, but one must admit one’s fault  and try to follow His wish which is nothing but His directives as given in His repentance prayer.

Baba said

Accept any of your mistakes and shortcomings and pray Baba to pardon you. Resolve not to repeat such mistakes again.

Do not try to find excuses or extenuating circumstances for your misdeeds. Unless you repent for your wickedness you cannot improve. To attempt to justify your misdeeds is to smoother your conscience and to make virtue out of vices.

If you endure your lot with patience and contentment, accepting it as it His Will, you are loving Good.