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Mind is just the shadow of God.  It is limited, not infinite, and therefore, it gets tired.  When it gets tired it needs rest.  If we don't sleep for three or four days, we will become mad!  Everyone needs to sleep in order to recover the energy of the mind.  In sound sleep mind remains inactive.  It does not work, and when it does no work, it takes rest and regains energy.  There are two pulls:  one towards Divinity, another towards the world.  During the day, when we are awake, we remain attached to the world and do different things.  But when we are tired, we rest.  As soon as mind regains its energy, we get up.

The mind is the storehouse of the impressions of all desires and wants.  These are not spent during sound sleep, so then you remain in the Beyond-Beyond state of God, but unconscious of it.

You are all sleeping, and in your sleep you dream of Me. I tell you that you are dreaming, and you reply, "Baba, You are here, we see You; how could it be a dream?" But whatever you are experiencing here is all a dream. When you wake up in Reality, you will experience that all this was a dream.

A child is born and as he grows, his consciousness also increases. From childhood to youth, middle age and old age, but not a thought occurs to him as to from where and for what he has taken birth. Births after births pass in this way. He only thinks of worldly things, never about the Real Thing. Rarely does someone become really awake. This dream is far too long.

Every time you are in deep sleep, you are unconsciously united with the Infinite reality as you enter into most original Beyond – Beyond state of God where nothing exists.

Sound sleep, is good but it must be moderate. Four to five hours is sufficient for good health but it must be undisturbed by dreams.

To have a sound sleep, the best way is to accustom yourselves to rise at night and not to go to sleep again after you have once been awakened out of your sleep. Suppose you went to sleep at 8 P.M. and awaken at 1 A.M. for some reason – either for calls of nature or just abruptly. After you are once fully conscious and awake, do not go back to sleep again. Keep awake. Either meditate between 4 to 6 A.M., for that is the best time for meditation; or go for a walk, or read, even if you are awake at 11 P.M. having slept at 8 P.M. and only get two or three hours of sleep.

Three hours at least must pass between your awakening from sleep and your going to sleep again; although if sleep is not taken, it would be still better. This habit of not going to bed again after the first break of sleep, though a little troublesome in the beginning, will eventually give good results of enjoying a perfectly sound sleep undisturbed by dreams, a most essential and valuable factor in preserving good health.

So try, all of you, to be awake and rise at the first break of sleep, and do not sleep again so you can have sound sleep and good health. Besides, the early hours of the morning are best for meditation

Once you accustom yourselves to this, you will not feel sleepy even while meditating