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Faith is wealth here best for man.

Dharma pursued brings happiness.

A truth is sweet beyond compare.

Life wisely lived they say is best.

By faith flood is crossed;

By earnestness the sea;

By vigour ill is poised;

By wisdom cleaned is he.


The  four fold truths

The Four Noble Truths: that suffering is an ingrained part of existence; that the origin of suffering is craving for sensuality, acquisition of identity, and fear of annihilation; that suffering can be ended.

Following are the Noble Eightfold Path meant to accomplish this:

  1. Right speech
  2. right thinking
  3. Right action
  4. Right livelihood
  5. right concentration
  6. Right intention
  7. Right mindfulness
  8. right effort

Nine virtues attributed to the Buddha is a common Buddhist meditation and devotional practice called Buddhānusmṛti.

  • Vijja-carana-sampano– Endowed with higher knowledge and ideal conduct.

  • Sugato– Well-gone or Well-spoken.

  • Lokavidu Wise in the knowledge of the many worlds.

  • Anuttaro Purisa-damma-sarathi– Unexcelled trainer of untrained people.

  • Satthadeva-Manussanam– Teacher of gods and humans.

  • Araham Worthy of homage. An Arahant is "One with taints destroyed, who has lived the holy life, done what had to be done, laid down the burden, reached the true goal, destroyed the fetters of being, and is completely liberated through final knowledge."