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Meher Baba said that He did not use His infinite power except infinite knowledge. Though His infinite knowledge, He awakened humanity and answered questions of all intellectuals who came to Him. Many times He answered the questions of His lovers in silence even before their asking. With His Infinite bliss He sustained the burden of universal suffering. However Baba retained His sense humour which was part of His infinite Bliss to relax and relive Himself from suffering as God-man. Baba was most humorous which is reflected in His interaction with His lovers. The humorous episodes are separately complied in two volumes under heading “Divine Sense of Humour Volume 1 & “2 and posted on website www.ambprasarkendra.com.

Baba did not use His Divine Power, one of trio nature of God being God himself because it could be meant the complete transformation of Humanity in Godhood i.e. end of His Creation. Though Baba did not make use of power to perform miracles to draw masses (which is not desirable for spiritual uplift of individual or masses), but definitely displayed His divine physical strength to His close disciples. Few real episodes are briefly written as under.





Due to His meagre diet and prolonged fasting while staying in the Manzil, Meher Baba was very thin. Although frail in appearance, He claimed to have the physical strength of a “lion,” and one day He demonstrated His strength to Adi. He told Adi to wrestle with Him with all his might. Taken aback, Adi did not know quite what to do, but began lightly grappling with Baba, who said, “No! As hard as you can!” Baba looked so frail that Adi did not wish to hurt Him, but he had to obey and exerted his full strength against Baba. He was, therefore, greatly startled when Baba, without much effort, picked him up and threw him on the floor! (Lord Meher)



Once Meher Baba challenged all the mandali to a tug of war

Even forty of the men, using all their strength, could not budge Him an inch! (Lord Meher}



Meher Baba lifted Bapu by neck when he displeased Him:

According to Meher Baba’s order, Ghani, Ramjoo and Adi were always sitting beside Him. Once, Bapu Brahmin arrived from Poona. In the course of the conversation, Bapu said something which so displeased the Master that He suddenly grabbed him by the neck and lifted him off his feet. Bapu was a stout man of two hundred pounds and resisted Baba. But Baba kept a hold of Bapu and shoved him down the stairs, as if he were a weakling. Adi, Ghani and Ramjoo leapt up and followed Baba down the stairs, thinking He might decide to stay there. But, He suddenly turned around and found Ramjoo obstructing His way. Instantly, He became annoyed and slapped Ramjoo so soundly that he was utterly dazed. Shortly thereafter, Baba was his genial self again, patting the men on the back as He talked, while Ramjoo recovered from the blow. (Lord Meher)



Meher Baba threw His friend Khodu on the floor

Once Merwan went to Khodu’s house, but he was absent. Khodu’s wife, Naza, asked Merwan to wait and He requested her some food. Naza served Merwan a meal, which He ate. After eating, Baba decided to leave, when Khodu arrived and started teasing Merwan playfully, catching hold of Him in a tight bear hug.

Merwan warned him “Khodu, stop wrestling with Me, don’t hold Me like this.” Then He mysteriously added, “I am no longer that Merwan!”

Thinking he was joking. Khodu smiling retorted, “If you are not that Merwan, then who You are? I will see who this Merwan is!” Khodu thought that he would overpower Merwan and hurl him to the floor. (At this time, Merwan was quite slender.) Khodu lunged for Merwan’s arm, but in a gentle manner Merwan stretched out His hand to prevent him, and with a slight push sent Khodu reeling back, knocking him to the floor. (Lord Meher)



Francis and Eruch were thrown on the floor by flick of fingers by Meher Baba.

The suffering that Baba went through during His final days was so immense that many of His lovers began to have doubts about His godhood. Many wondered, “How can God be so weak?”

It reminds of Francis Brabazon who was living at that time with mandali in Meherazad. Baba would be carried every morning from His bedroom on a special lift chair by the mandali in mandali hall. There He would attend to His work and interact with men mandali. After He finished, He would be carried back on the lift chair to His room. When Baba was in the mandali hall, He would be seated on a cushioned chair and when He wanted to go back to His room, Francis would have to support His arm and help Him walk to the lift chair.

His body had become so weak from universal suffering, that He could not even walk short distance to His lift chair. Francis was often the one, along with Eruch would help Baba walk from one chair to the other.  On one occasion Baa clapped and gestured, “I am feeling weak. Take Me to the room.”

Francis got up to help. As he did, a thought came to his mind, “Baba is God. How can God become so weak?” As soon as Francis and Eruch touched Baba’s arms, Baba just flicked His two index fingers; just a tiny flick. Both Francis and Eruch were thrown back with such a force that they fell on the ground half way across the mandali hall. Francis looked at Baba with bewilderment and said, “Baba you are very strong” Baba smiles at Francis and gestured, “Don’t you ever forget that.” Then, in the next moment, Baba looked His frail self and gestured to Francis, “I am feeling weak, so now come and help Me.”

Mani ended saying, “Never forget that. He is God, the all powerful God that sustains the whole universe. Let there be No doubt in your frail and feeble mind about this.”

With Baba in the lead, the group resumed walking, but soon the quarrel between Nervous and Ramjoo became heated. Seeing both arguing back and forth, Baba started scolding them in a booming voice. He had been fasting for the last four to five months, taking only tea twice or thrice a day and fruit juice once, but he was walking and conversing as if he were out on a relaxing stroll. Whereas the men, though taking solid food twice a day, got so tired after a few miles that they could not even speak; it became harder and harder for them to tread onward. Although Baba had told them to repeat the name of God — calling on Him to give them strength and courage — it was now automatically coming from their lips, but in exasperation rather than devotion! (Lord Meher)