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(A very good Mastani of Sukkur)

This very good Mastani had not been contacted by Baba, but her remarks to Ramjoo about Baba are worth repeating here. Ramjoo was in Sukkur on some work for Baba and towards evening of 17th June 1924, he was strolling near river, when he met this old lady (whom he had seen earlier on same day) walking along the path and muttering to herself. When Ramjoo came close to her, she gazed steadfastly into his face and asked him in an imperious voice, "who is your Pir?” (Spiritual Master). Ramjoo replied “Meher Baba,” and at the moment she heard this she replied, “Badshah Shahenshah” (King of Kings), and then shuffled away. She was very old lady with a crown of snow-white curls, very much like Babajan. Baba contacted her on 17th June, 1924

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(A mast of Srinagar)

Subhan Mattu was a very good mast who was always happy. He was perhaps fifty years hold and covers his face with mud and henna. When Kaka first saw Him before Baba’s contact in 1943, he gave Kaka an orange and one anna. In 1944, Masa brought Him to Baba, and he rolled on the ground when he came into Baba’s presence, and looking at Baba, cried out, “He is Allah “. He has the reputation of having been in places far apart in the Kashmir Valley at very short intervals, and it is believed that he moves about in a mysterious way by some special power. Meher baba contacted him on 20th august, 1944.


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 (A good mast from Bahraich)

He was most interesting man and a good mast; a perfect Mahbubi mast. He was a fat old man who carried an earthenware pot in which he puts everything given him to eat, and he carries a sack over his shoulder. He reminded the party of a fat edition of Chatti Baba. when Baba came, he took some bells out of his bundle, tied them round his ankles, and began dancing before Baba, singing in a very sweet voice, “Allah darshan dene ko aye”. (God has come to give his darshan). Those with Baba called a tonga and Sakhi Baba was taken to a shrine outside the town, where Baba contacted him in March, 1942.

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(An adept pilgrim of Kotah)

Pir Fazal Shah was an adept pilgrim. He belonged to be 117 years old. But at the time of contact when Baba met him on 12th October, 1946 was still sound. When Baba and his group arrived, Fazl Shah began talking in a disconnected and incompressible way, as if possessed by some overpower spiritual fervour. He then greeted Baba and His men with much respect and cordiality, and brought a chair for Baba, inviting Him alone to be seated as if he recognized Him at once as a Master.  After a short while, Fazal Shah and Baba entered a room and sat alone together. Those outside heard Fazl shah crying out with great feeling, He told Baba, “No one until you came, has touched my heart with the arrow if Divine Love. You have power to destroy and flood the world; no one fully knows the limit of your greatness; “you are spiritual authority of the time, and if I were to die I would take another body to be close with you”.

He later asked Baba to write to him as soon as he returned home, and added that he would be very restless until he heard from Baba. He insisted that Baba should take down his address, and this was written down by one of close disciples and handed to Baba before the party left. Fazl shah used to scrub to his own room out where he stayed, and widely revered by thousands of people. He is said to have died. Baba contacted him on 11 October, 1946.


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(A good mast from Bombay)

This mast was not contacted by Baba but was seen By Kaka in Bombay with a view to take him to Baba who was then in Lonavla. Kaka tried his best to persuade him to come to Baba, but Pathan mast refused saying,” What should I come far, since your soul and mine are with him (Baba)?’ He then gave Kaka an orange and added, “The key of the whole world in His (Baba’s) hand and all countries Russia, Germany (and so forth) do as He directs.” This was in October 1942.

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Spiritual Chargeman of Quetta

This mast was not contacted by Baba but his remark for Baba was interesting. He was spiritual charge-man of Quetta and lived in a tent that was provided by local people to shelter him from the severe winter weather of Quetta. In the tent there was fire (Dhuni) always burning and the tent was full of smoke. With his hands he would fan the smoke from this fire toward himself, and Baidul and Eruch, who went several times to him to try to get him to come to Baba used to emerge thankfully into the open air with smoky tears pouring from their eyes. Nadir Ali Shah always refused to come with them to Baba, and once he added the remark, “My boat would be drowned in that Ocean”. (I.e. Baba), although Baba did not Contact him, he circled round his tent in Elizabeth’s car; so perhaps some remote contact was made after all. This was in March, 1941. (Meher Baba and his group stayed in Quetta from 11th March to 7th April 1941)

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An adept pilgrim of Dhamangaon

Mungsaji Maharaj of Dhamangaon was an adept pilgrim and famous in Central Province. Meher Baba met him on 12th august 1944. He used to sit in a kind of hollow that was excavated for his shrine after he died. Once a week there used to be festival when people came to take his darshan, and free meals were given to the poor from public kitchen.

The Journey to this contact was difficult since the monsoon was then in full swing and Baba and His group had to walk some three miles in through muddy fields. The return journey was even more tedious, and party had to travel some eighteen miles by bullock cart. A journey over rough, muddy tracks in a bullock cart cannot be described in writing; it is one of those painful physical experiences that have to be gone through to be understood. Mungsaji Maharaj was reported to be staying in Bombay (in 1947) as the guest of some disciples. Babadas one of Baba’s disciples, went to see Mungsaji Maharaj, and the latter told him that Baba was Emperor

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Mohammad Ali Mast was a good mast who sits in front of Mosque and boasts of being a very rich man with a fat balance in a Lahore bank. When Baidul first went to see Mohammad Ali, He (Baidul) was carrying a stick that had been given him by  Baba when he was in Hamirpur. The mast addressed Baidul and said, “The man who gave you that stick is very great, so look after the stick, and hit no one with it.”  Baba contacted him on 19th July, 1944.