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(A 6th plane Mast of Poona)

In early part of 1943, Bundle Shah used to Live in Poona, and Eruch who had been instructed By Baba to search for and bring masts to him at Mahabaleshwar, set about trying to persuade Bundle shah to accompany there.

Bundle shah earned his sobriquet because he carried a bundle under his arm, and he was known either by this name, or simply as “Father”-the actual English word. He was about 65 years old. It appeared that he was much cosseted by racing gentleman, who would play him with blandishments and tea in the hope of learning what horses to lay their bet, As a must, Bundle Shah was exceedingly fussy about his health, and used to say that his spleen was enlarged, though he would like to be given tea, he would be panicky as to how it was served, and would insist that the cup should be scrupulously washed, the milk well boiled and so on so forth. Eruch visited Father once or twice, inviting him to come to his house, but his invitations were first rebutted. Finally, one night, he accommodated Eruch to his house. Eruch made him comfortable, and set about making tea for Bundle Shah, being warned, as usual to be most punctilious in its preparation. After tea, the topic of taking Bundle shah to Mahabaleshwar was introduced, though the name of Meher Baba was carefully not mentioned by Eruch. After listening Eruch’s proposal, Bundle Shah asked for some paper, and Eruch brought the nearest thing to hand, which happened to be an exercise book belonging to his younger brother Merwan.

Now, although Eruch did not know it, there was a photo of Meher Baba between the leaves of this book-a photo which did not, in fact, have Baba’s name written on it, so that unless one knew about Baba, there was no means of knowing whose picture it was.

Bundle Shah, as soon as he took the book from Eruch, turned over it leaves, and when he discovered the photo of Baba, he pulled it out and gazed intently at it. He turned the photo over and over, gazing at its face and its back, and then asked a pencil and began filling the back of the photo with an imposing series of figures.  These consisted of figures as follows:-

20+15-17+12-4 etc (the exact figures are not now remembered). Ending finally with =7=GOD. He then pointed to the word God, and turning the photo over, pointed to the figure of Baba and said, “God is equal to Meher Baba”. (He actually uttered the name of Meher Baba)

Eruch, knowing that Baba was generally averse to containing those who acknowledged his spiritual greatness, dropped the topic of taking Bundle Shah to Mahabaleshwar and accompanied the mast to home. Out of curiosity, Eruch later checked the figure at the back of the photo –there was a whole string of them-and found that they did finally amount exactly to the figure of 7.

Baba was later informed of the entire episode, and Eruch was instructed not to bring Bundle shah to Him.

The great mast stayed for few years in Poona after this meeting, and then went to Bombay. After staying in Bombay for a while, he shifted to Bangalore.

Baba had explained that Bundle Shah was a mast of sixth plane, sometimes salik-like and sometimes majzoob-like.

Baba contacted him in 1943.