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Advance souls or masts of higher planes are intoxicated by divine love for God. Their intoxication of divine love for God is continual in state of permanent enjoyment which may increase but never decrease and it has no physical or mental reaction. When compared to intoxication by alcohol or drug is in-escapably temporary for a limit set by conditions of quantity of intoxicant consumed and his health conditions.

Meher Baba categorized spiritually advance souls into five basic types

  1. God-Merged
  2. God-intoxicated
  3. God-absorbed
  4. God-communed
  5. God-Mad

Testimony of Meher Baba’s Avatarhood had been given by spiritually advanced souls known as “Masts”. They were highly evolved and had reputations as Masts or Saints quite independent of their relationship with Meher Baba. Meher Baba explained that these advanced souls or Masts of higher planes are God-intoxicated. They are immersed in Divine Bliss and as such are in a different state of consciousness than the ordinary person. As well as experiencing the loveliness of God they also have, according to their degree of advancement, Divine Knowledge, and Power. They are true men of God and love God desperately. They have no concern with the mundane affairs of the world and are found in India and Ceylon, often in remote places. (For detailed account of above categories of advances souls, please read wayfarers by William Donkin-Chapter-one)

An important part of Meher Baba’s work over the years had been in gathering the Masts. He would either have them brought to Him or he would go to them. When a Mast would bear witness to Meher Baba’s spiritual greatness he would in most cases do so without having ever previously met or heard of the Master.