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(An adept pilgrim of Rishikesh)

An adept pilgrim of Rishikesh was not directly contacted By Meher Baba but Pleader met him. Pleader has been wandering over India and Baba had told Pleader that he would meet one or two saints on his travel who will tell him of Baba’s greatness.

Keshwanand ji Maharaj used to be naked except for loin cloth, and his bronze colour form was a familiar sight in Rishikesh, for he would stand all day long, with a bamboo in his hand, gazing steadfastly at the sun. He had built a small platform on the river bank, on which he used to stand. Every winter, when snow blanketed the great mountain walls through Ganges cleaves its path, Keshwanadji would go up to a high valley and stand in snow, gazing all the day at the sun.

At Rishikesh, no one normally came close to Keshwanadji on his little platform, except his attendant (majuwar). Pleader, however, who was then on an order of silence given him by Baba, after having been first rebutted by mujawar, succeeded in getting him to show a Photo of Meher Baba to Keshwanadji Maharaj. Keshwanand ji then smiled, called Pleader, and told him that he normally never let anyone come near him, but seeing this photo, and knowing the Divinity of Meher Baba he had to call him near, because He (Baba) was the Master of the universe. Baba, he said, bore the Burdon of whole creation on his shoulders, so great a soul He was. This meeting of Pleader with Keshwanand ji took place in April 1934, Pleader stayed and helped in serving Keshwanadji for quite some time. Keshwanadji has now passed away. Baba contacted him through Pleader in April, 1934.