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(A high Mast of Aurangabad)

This was a high mast was first discovered by Kaka in Aurangabad in 1939, and he was brought to Baba who was then staying at the guest House of Khuldabad. He was dirty fellow, whose peculiarity was to collect a miscellany of twenty five to thirty bundles of old rag and stale food. If you asked his name, he would reply “Mai Bap” (Mother, Father); hence he was known by that name. If given any new clothes, he would wear for few days and then make a new bundle of them. He was then middle aged and lived in a louse of some relations of his in Aurangabad. Baba bathed, clothed and fed him, and while he was in the room alone with Baba, he shouted once or twice, “I am on fire; I am aflame.”  When Kaka told him to Aurangabad later the same day in Elizabeth’s car, he (Kaka) asked where he had eaten and he received the reply, “Today I came to the God’s court and was given food.”

In January 1943, when Baba stayed for a few days in a cottage in Aurangabad, Mai Bap was brought by Adi for a renewed contact. He sat along with Baba in a room for about twenty minutes, and then rushed out of the room shouting. “In this jungle there are many thorns.” Again he was persuaded to sit with Baba for perhaps further fifteen minutes, and then came out again and said, “A nail has pierced me, and I can’t bear the pain.” Kaka believed these remarks to show that Baba had given Mai Bap some difficult and painful spiritual work.

Baba never respond to questions about what mast do for Him and what He does for them, apart from the statement that there is mutual help. After this Mai Bap was taken back to his home, and Baba told Kaka to bring him daily for seven days. Mai Bap. Although he had not been present when Baba gave these instructions to Kaka, Mai Bap told Kaka few minutes later, “I will come with you for seven days.” and then touched Kaka’s palm with the back of his hand, which means a dud promise! Next day, He refused to come with Kaka, and Baba therefore went to him every day evening at his house. He was contacted Baba in May, 1939.