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Faqir Bua had an old depressed fracture of the skull the size of a saucer, used to hit the other inmates from time to time. Once, having come up with a grin on his face to Baidul, he punched in the nose. He then asked him why his nose was bleeding, and advised him to pour earth on his head to stop the bleeding.


On 6 th April 1948, in Tehri, Baba worked with a very good mast known as Ahmed Sufi Saheb, who oddly enough sold soap on the street. This mast was much respected throughout the town. (Lord Meher-p-2641-11948)


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9-PUNJA (Idiot)

Punja was probably the most amenable and amusing of the mad. He was goofy yokel with irritated mental development. But he was a splendid company, and became life and soul of the Ashram. By nature he was blithe and sportive, and given to hilarious laughter at the slightest provocation. He loved rhythm of the sound and body, and was seldom seen without a kerosene tin slung round his neck, which he would employ as a percussion instrument, and tap out a sequence of sounds to whose accompaniment he would fling himself into exotic dances. He so loved this improvised drum that any minor lapse on his part could be connected by a threat to confiscate it.


Childlike who would touch fire not knowing that it would burn the finger.


A young night watchman got frightened by Gulam Hussain coming to him in the dark. Boy pointed Shaitan to him exclaiming how big he had grown.


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Mohammad was first brought to Rahuri Ashram in August 1936 and besides him a few genuine masts in mad Ashram. Dagdu Bua, Lal Saheb and

Description for Mohammad mast is given under subhead Group 3 (Advance Souls at page-27)


She joined in Rahuri. He lay awake by night and sleep by day. At breakfast he would eat 6 chapattis and 8 cups of tea. He used to mumble and laugh to himself and would collect and smoke the flag ends of beedies dropped by others. He was God mad.

At the end of April 1937, Baba decided, for various reasons, to move to ashram at Meherabad, as soon as everything was in working order in the new quarter there, Baba set himself to his usual daily labors with the inmates. Mohammad was the pride of the ashram and most of Baba’s activities were focussed on him. This concentrated work in the ashram, with a marked emphasis on Mohammad, continued until the Baba left for France in August 1937.


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Samarth Brahmin of Salem district