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Meher Baba has explained that the majority of masts are to be found in India, which is the most important country in the world from the spiritual points of view. Apart from those in India, there are a few masts in Arabia, a very few in the parts of Iran (these few are mostly in Meshed and Tabriz), and a very few in Egypt, China and Tibet.

As far as countries outside Asia is concerned, there are with the exception of Egypt, no mast in any other part of the world

There are, however, God lovers a few advance souls and certain people who are the agents of the Saheb-e-Zama (Avatar). These agents are the holders of definite and distinct offices. Just as the Christ state, the Nabuwat-e Mohammedi (or whatever name it may be known by) is actually the office held by each Saheb-e Zaman, so these states of the agents are distinct offices held by certain souls who carry out important work for each Saheb-e-Zaman. On the death of one agent, his office is automatically filled by a successor; for just as there always a Saheb-e-Zaman or a Saheb-e Waqt, so also there are always his agents.

Baba explained that there are three types of agents.

1-Direct Agents, who are very few. There is one in Europe, one in Asia, one in America, one in Africa- one in fact in almost each continent. These direct agents receive instructions directly from the Saheb-e-Zaman.

2-In direct Agents, who are few, and who receive instructions from direct agents.

3-Borrowed Agents, who are many and who receive instructions from indirect agents

The principal agents are always are on the fourth plane and through the powers that they can wield on this plane, they act for Saheb-e-Zaman. They even may do miracles for the Saheb-e Zaman, since the Saheb-e Zaman himself almost never performs miracles for, it if he wishes to do so; he must, at the time of doing the miracle, actually station himself on the fourth plane.

These agents are on the fourth plane only because of the necessity of using certain of its powers for the work of the Saheb-e-Zaman. They are not in a position of those on the spiritual path who, when they reach on the fourth plane, may use its powers for the good, or may misuse them and so fall back to very primitive state of evolution

Below are given name & places of certain agents to whom Meher Baba made contacts outside India

1 Very rare direct Agent


Albuquerque , New

Mexico , USA

Dec, 1934
2 Third type , borrowed


Barcelona, Spain Nov, 1933
3 Third type , borrowed


Lugano, Switzerland May, 1931
4 Third type , borrowed


Marseilles , France Nov, 1933 1933
5 Second type Indirect


Moscow, Russia

(No Direct contact)

6 Very  rare  Direct


Rome , Italy July, 1933
7 Third type , borrowed


Santa Margherita,


July, 1933
8 Third type , borrowed


Sing-Sing Prison,

Ossining, N.Y. U.S.A.

9 Indirect Agent Goa (Goa) 1 Apr, 1945
10 Borrowed Agent Srinagar (J & K) Apr, 1933

Brief description of agents who were contacted by Meher Baba during His foreign visits is as under:


 1-Place: Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA. in Dec, 1934

Baba explained that this is one of the very rare direct agents; he is the direct agent of America. In 1934, When Baba and Few of His disciple were on way to California, the train stopped at Albequerque for a short time. Baba spelt out the word “Indian” on the palm of His hand, and went with Runao away from the station into a small street nearby. At a street corner they noticed two American Indians; one was selling bows and arrows, and he walked away as soon as Baba approached. The other, a tall, impressive figure with a red band tied around his head, stayed where he was, and for a few moments Baba and he stood facing one another, each looking intently into their other’s eyes. Baba then abruptly walked back to the station.


2-Place: Barcelona, Spain, in Nov, 1933

He is one of the third types of agent a borrowed agent. He was a policeman who always seemed to be on duty anytime of the day that Baba came into great Plaza (Public Square). The policeman kept glancing Baba in an indefinable way and when those with Baba enquired about him, Baba explained that he is one of His agent.


3-Place: Lugano, Switzerland, in May, 1932

A borrowed agent; Baba and His group were on a steamer on Lake of Lugano. There was an old man dressed in simple, poor clothes on the opposite side of the deck, which Baba pointed out as one of agents. One of the groups asked how he should know this. Then Baba took Ghani’s walking stick and asked those about him if they believe him should the old man tap his own stick in the same way that Baba tapped Ghani’s stick. Baba then tapped Ghani’s stick two or three times on the deck in a special way, and the old man, though he was not looking at Baba at that time, tapped his stick exactly the same way. Baba then tapped again in differ way, and the old man again copied His taps exactly. This was done finally a third time and again repeated exactly. Baba later sent someone to him with a piece of bread and butter which he ate.


4-Place: Marseilles , France, in Nov, 1936

A borrowed agent. One day, when in Zurich (Switzerland), Baba said suddenly that He must reach Marseilles before midnight the following day, since He had a spiritual appointment there. As soon as the party arrived in Marseilles Baba asked to be taken in the city park, and, when he came to a particular part of it, He began walking to and fro on a gravel path with Norina and Elizabeth on either side of Him. Norina and Elizabeth both noticed that on other side of a small lawn, there was a young man sitting on a park seat. Baba eventually took a loop around the lawn and walked straight past the young man who. As Baba passed, stood up and bowed his head in a reverential way to Baba. Baba then walked off, explaining that the man was one of His agents.


5-Place: Moscow, Russia, in 1933 ( No direct contact with Baba)

He was an indirect agent who took orders from “Christiano” of Rome. One of Baba’s English disciples was ordered by Baba to go to Moscow on his way back to China (he had a job in China), and give a certain article to an old man who would be dressed in a long garment, and have a physical appearance of the old man seen at Santa Margherita (q.v.). Baba explained that he would be very difficult to find.

This disciple haunted high and low all over Moscow for three or four days, and was about to leave to catch his connecting train for Nanking, when he saw an old man sitting outside a church who answered the Baba’s description. He approached him, gave him the article from Baba, and set off at once for the station.


6-Place: Rome, Italy, in July 1933

He is the direct agent for Europe. Baba and a group of disciples were in the Aragon al Coors. This man drove very slowly past in a Fiat car, driving the car himself. He was fattish, middle aged, blond headed man, looking apparently a typical inconspicuous bourgeois citizen. Baba explained that he lived in Rome and had a wife who knew nothing of his spiritual status. Baba called this direct agent for Europe “Christiano.”


7-Place: Santa Margherita, Italy, in July 1933

A borrowed agent: Kaka first saw him. He was an old man with long hair and beard, who was leading a little boy by the hand. As he passed Kaka, he greeted him in the Hindu fashion with hands palm to palm before his face.

A little later when Baba and the western group were on the sea shore, they noticed that this old man with the little boy walking back and forth, the old man glancing frequently in a significant way to Baba.

Baba later explained that he was one of His agents and that was very similar in appearance to another agent H. (one of his English disciples) would have to contact later in Moscow. He However, had missed seeing him, as he was not present on the beach at that time, in spite of having been called by Baba. The result of his not having seen him was that his work in Moscow was made much more difficult.


8-Place: Sing-Sing Prison, Ossining, N.Y. U.S.A.in December, 19313

A borrowed agent: Baba was staying at Harmon, and, late in afternoon, he suddenly said that He wished to go to the prison close by. He was driven to the prison, and the car was halted near the gates. Baba then covered His head in a shawl, and sat silent for a while. He afterwards explained that He had an important agent in the prison, who would be freed when He (Baba) broke His silence.


9-Place: Goa (Panjim), India, Indirect Agent -11th April 1946

Baba with His Party was passing the great cathedral of Goa; Baba told Elizabeth to pull up the car and enter a restaurant pointed out to her on the side of road and inquire the way to the hotel. When she reached the door, she was confronted by a tall old man with long grey hair falling to his shoulders, and a long grey beard. He wore an old topi and an old suit, and reminded one of a church window portrait of Moses-dressed an old suit. She asked him the very hotel, and, in perfect English, was given fullest description.

The same day in the evening, Baba and entire party came out to this church to see the tomb of St. Francis Xavier, and as they were about to leave, this old man came up, and joined the group where Elizabeth was standing and began the oddest sort of conversation. He explained that He was from Karachi; that he was an author who has written many dramas, and he was in Goa for the purpose of writing a book; and that he expected to stay in Goa for at least six months. He talked about all sort of things and people, about Bernard Shah, and about this, that, and other things, but there was a strange and not quite convincing strain to his talk, and he repeatedly gave covered, yet significant, glances at Baba, in such a way that one knew instinctively that he was much more interested in Baba than anyone else. Baba occasionally made an odd remark (by dictating through one of the mandali) and asked him if he needed money, to which he replied that he did not.

Strange conversation went on for about fifteen minutes, and the old man left after paying courteous adieus to all. Baba asked everyone what they thought about him and various opinions were given.  Baba then said everyone was blind, that this man was an important spiritual agent who had come to give him a message and receive instructions from him, and all the talk about drama and so forth was an symbolic means of conveying his message to Baba, Finally, he explained that the man, having completed his task, would leave Goa the nest day (although he had spoken of staying for six months)


10-Place: Srinagar (J & K) India, Borrowed Agent, April 1933

This was during the tour of  Western group to India in 1933, when they were passing the gates of famous Shalimar Gardens on their way back from Harwan, they noticed as short, thin man closely shaven head. The face was epitome of a grimace, and was playing the giddy-goat with crowd of children who were enjoying his fun immensely. He came up to Baba, stretching out his hands a laughing; Baba smiled at him and made gestures back at him. Baba later explained that he was borrowed agent, who had the capacity to project his body to any place, i.e., he was an Abdal, and that he specially worked amongst children and young people.