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Meher Baba started Meher Ashram (boarding) school in Meherabad on 1 st May 1927, there were ten students: The school was located in the Family Quarters, and the ashram staff stayed there also. Baba saw to all arrangements for the boys of the Meher Ashram — their milk, food, and clothing. Each pupil was given a pair of sandals, a black cap, a khaki shirt, a cotton coat, pants, underwear, and a steel trunk to keep these things in, as well as a towel, handkerchief, blanket, sheet, pillow, and two scarves.

Chhagan was assigned the duty of cooking vegetarian food for the boys. For breakfast: milk tea and chapattis and for dinner, chapattis and two types of vegetables.

Hazarat Babajan School was started 17th July 1927 with 14 boys from Persia for study of Persian language attached to Ashram.

At the end of 10th November 1928, total no of students were 102 consisting of





Following were responsible heads in schools

Mr. Rustom K. Irani –Admin. In-charge for the schools & Meherabad

Mr. Rustom (Burra Saheb)-Vice Superintendent

Mr. Arjun Supekar-School Director / Superintendent

Mr. Behramji (Bua Saheb)-Manager Meher ashram.

Mr. K. E. Afsari (Rai saheb)-Spokesman of Ashram

Mr. K. J. Dastur- Principal-Hazrat Babajan School

Following persons were appointed as teachers time to time.

Mr. Dhake Phalkar

Mr. Vishnu

Mr. Bapu Gahile

Mr. Joshi

Mr. Gadekar Ramchandra

Mr. Edke

Mr. Pandurang Deshmukh (Pandoba)

Mr. Gaikwad

Mr. Jagirdar

Mr. Rajroop

Mr. Shinde R. R.

Mr. Mohan Shahane

Mr. Goma Ganesh Pathak

Mr. Dattatrey A. Nisal

Mr. Yeshwant L. Mehendarge (Bhausaheb)

During period of study few student boys had spiritual experiences in contact with Meher Baba and behaved like mast. Name of some school boys are listed herewith.



1 Abbas Ali No detail
2 Abdulla Pakarwan (Chhota Baba) 209
3 Abdul Wahab Kalingad 212
4 Ahmed Mohammad No detail
5 Adi Jr. (Younger B/o Meher Baba) No detail
6 Ali Akbar Shapurzaman (Aloba) 214
7 Aspandiar Sarosh Irani  
8 Baba Khosrow 215
`9 Baban Shahane No detail
10 Babu Kale No detail
11 Babu Sona No detail
12 Balchandra No detail
13 Banaji Karni (S/o Rupamai Karni) No detail
14 Bansi No detail
15 Behram (S/o Bomanji) No detail
16 Bhatt Chandrashekhar J. No detail
17 Bhau Cheema Kamble No detail
18 Bhimabai 222
19 Bhiwa No detail
20 Chander No detail
21 Changdev No detail
22 Chhaboo Sona Kamble 223
23 Dadu (S/o Ramjoo Abdulla)i 223
24 Damu 224
25 Dattu Sao No detail
26 Daulat Padir No detail
27 Dinisi Karni (S/o Rupamai Karni) No detail
28 Duttu Mehenderge (S/o Buasaheb Mehendarge) 225
29 Espandiar Vesli 227
30 Genu Chambhar No detail
31 Hari No detail
32 Hormuzd No detail
33 Jalbhai S/o Rusi No detail
34 James Titus 231
35 Jamshed Afsari 232
36 Jamshed Gustad No detail
37 Jamshed Khan 232
38 Jamshed Namdar No detail
39 Jawanmard No detail
40 John No detail
41 Khuda bux No detail
42 Lala B. Kamble 233
43 Lobhaji No detail
44 Madhav Shinde No detail
45 Maruti Kamble No detail
46 Mehdi Khan 233
47 Mohammad Hussain 234
48 Murli Kale (Son of Kale mama) 235
49 Nana Kher No detail
50 Pesu No detail
51 Pundit  (B/o Dattu Mehendarge) 236
52 Raghunath Bhau Goswamy 237
53 Rajaram No detail
54 Ramji Rao Kamble 237
55 Rashid Khusroo Irani 238
56 Sayed Ali (Aga Ali) No detail
57 Shahu Mahar No detail
58 Shankar No detail
59 Shapur Irani 239
60 Shermard Khorband Irani No detail
61 Siddhu (Close disciple) No detail
62 Shridhar (Elder B/o Murli Kale) No detail
63 Surya Bhan No detail
64 Tukaram Kamble 240
65 Tulsi No detail
66 Vasant B. Kimbhavne No detail
67 Vithal Irani (Son of Pilamai)

No detail