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Chatti Baba was a mast of 6th plane, a perfect Jamali with traits of a Jalali and was the highest mast to have stayed with Meher Baba for a long time.

He was contacted by Nana on 28th November 1939 in Nagapattnam. He was brought to dharamshala where Baba was staying. Baba gave him a bath with about 50 buckets of water and later fed him.  One of the striking features of Chatti Baba’s sojourn with Baba was the daily bathing with torrents of water. He was taken to the Bangalore Ashram by Train. During the journey the food from the refreshment room was brought for all in several vessels. Chatti Baba had a great liking for a spiced condiment called 'Rasam’ and kept the brass vessel containing this item for himself and poured the entire in his mouth.

On 1 st December 1939, Chatti Baba arrived at Bangalore Mast Ashram and routine was regular bathing and feeding by Baba was set in motion. Meher Baba who was minutely attentive to the whims of his masts saw discomforts that Chatti Baba endured to achieve seclusion and arranged a hut for him in which he could remain alone. There was also a ‘Mast Hotel ‘in the premises where tea, pan, tobacco, cigarettes and beedies were available free on demands of mast.

Baba had several times tried to persuade Chatti Baba to sit alone with Him in His room and after many refusals he agreed one day. The two were closeted in Baba’s room for about 2 hours. Baba had stated that in these contacts with mast, they help him and he helps them. They love Him and He loves them and beyond this. Baba did not extend this explanation about his spiritual work with masts.

At the beginning of April 1940, The Bangalore Ashram was shifted back to Meherabad. Chatti Baba and his fellow masts were sent by train to Ahmednagar. Chatti Baba was given a special room on the hill by Baba. Every day 120-200 buckets of water were used for the daily routine by Baba. Every day following the usual bath, Chatti baba would sit in any place where the loose earth was found and the soil in his hands would be released over his head. In view of this habit, Baba instructed 15 baskets of earth were put near the Chatti Baba’s room every day.

On the night of 9th June 1940, Chatti Baba became suddenly violent, noisy and abusive and emerged from his room in a state of disorder. He went to Baba’s room and declared that his house had now been utterly destroyed and he had come to Baba for shelter. Baba sat alone with him for a few hours and Chatti Baba became quiet and spent the rest of night alone with Baba. Meher Baba later explained the next day that Chatti Baba had a spiritual connection with France and that was the period when French Armies collapsed before Germans.

In July 1941, Chatti Baba accompanied Meher Baba to Ranchi. The history of Chatti Baba’s connection with Baba from this time until his final return to Nagapattnam is one living with Baba in various cities of India and Ceylon.

At Ranchi Chatti Baba behaved like a child unwilling to go to bed, weeping a little, wandering about and deaf to pleas of those sent to coax him into a simple room that Baba had selected for him. This went for 2 hours and he reluctantly agreed. In Ranchi, the usual routine was continued but in spite of the efforts of Baba to make Chatti feel at home, he seemed restless. During July end, Chatti Baba and his fellow masts were asked by Baba to be taken back to Meherabad by train. Chatti Baba refused to board the train and as the train moved out, 3 mandali men decided to remain with him. Chatti baba was weeping unaffectedly like child.

The following day he again refused to board another train to Nagar but with the help of policeman he was put in the compartment. At every station the train stopped, Chatti Baba moved to the door to get out and was prevented by the mandali. After a tedious journey of 3 days Chatti baba arrived at Meherabad on the 4th day. For the next 3 months Chatti Baba stayed at Meherabad and the daily baths with greater quantity of water were carried out by Baba. He began to pour earth over his head and during this period he was bathed with about 200 buckets of water every day. He had also developed a voracious and insatiable appetite and repeatedly complained that he was not getting enough to eat.

On 1st November 1940, Chatti Baba accompanied Baba to Ceylon and arrived at Veyangoda. Chatti Baba who used to be bathed by Baba everyday said that as Baba had brought much trouble upon him, he would now bathe Baba. So, for about a week, Chatti Baba actually bathed Baba everyday with 10 or 12 buckets of water at Veyangoda. On 16th November 1940, he went to Kandy with Baba and stayed in a special tiny hut.

On 4th December 1940, Chatti Baba left Kandy with the mandali and Luggage for Calicut. Baba and Party arrived by bus the next day.

On 26 rd December 1940, Chatti baba went with Baba by train to Jaipur where Baba stayed till the end of February 1941. In the house at Jaipur, Chatti Baba used to sit all night along, naked to the waist, in open courtyard in the bitter cold.

When Meher Baba left Jaipur for Quetta, Chatti baba went with Him and stayed there during March 1941. Meher Baba Left Quetta for Dehradun during beginning of April 1941 and stayed there till 1st half of May and Chatti Baba was at Dehradun throught. During 3 rd week of May, Baba for Ajmer and stayed there till the 3rd week of July and Chatti Baba was with him. Baba and party left Ajmer for Meherabad during the 3 rd week on July 1941. When, Meher Baba went to Panchgani on 3 rd September 1941, Chatti Baba accompanied Him.

From these days onward Chatti Baba seemed to feel more than ever the call to go back to his home environment at Nagapattnam.  In September 1941, at Panchgani, Chatti Baba walked away from the house one day and repeatedly expressed a desire to leave. After much persuasion he agreed to remain another week. But on 15th September 1941, he walked away and was brought to Baba with great difficulty. He refused to get out of car, wept aloud and told Baba he was very, very tired and it was time for him to go. Baba gave him food in the car, feeding him with his own hand and asked Baidul and Krishna to take Chatti Baba to Nagapattnam. After 2 years of intimate contact came the parting of ways.

Meher Baba told Mandali in Ranchi that there was no equal to Chatti Baba in the whole world and that he was inestimable for the help he gave Him in His work. There was no one who had so unanimously commanded the affection of others. Meher Baba himself would often recall with delight Chatti baba’s little ways and specially the lightness and captivating spell of his laugh.

Nilu, a medical doctor, had no faith whatsoever in masts and considered them only to be innocent madmen. But one day he found out that Chatti Baba had sat on a block of ice throughout the night, and had not left his seat despite the freezing snowstorm outside. Nilu had spent the night in his bed huddled under four woolen blankets, and wearing his overcoat – yet still he was cold. This was truly amazing sight of Chatti Baba sitting naked in the intense cold of Quetta, and in a completely happy mood, profoundly impressed Nilu. His questioning mind could not find a satisfactory answer to such a marvelous sight, and he was then fully convinced that the mast was not in any way an ordinary man.

During Baba's month-long stay in Quetta, Chatti Baba would never stay indoors in his room, but would roam about all night outside amidst the cold, inclement weather. He was amazingly healthy, and to top it off, continued his daily bath of one hundred buckets full of ice-cold water!