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This delightful mast of 5th plane was interesting not only due to his many contacts with Meher Baba, but also because he is a perfect example of Jamali type mast. He was staying in Ahmednagar permanently and was first brought to Meherabad for Baba’s contact on 19th May 1943. As Ali Shah lived in Ahmednagar where many Baba disciples live, He was easy to get and never refused to come to Baba as long as he got a quiet room to stay, with supply of plenty of cigarettes. During the period 1943 and end of July 1947, Baba had called Ali Shah on 20 different occasions.

Ali Shah loved to be in a room, to sit on a chair if he can and enjoyed smoking all the day long. He made odd signs in the air, on the ground or on his thighs as if he were writing something. His voice was gentle, soft and kind and broke into a quiet smile when he spoke. Baba once remarked after emerging from the session with Ali Shah that he had to work extra hard because of Ali Shah’s sleepy and sluggish temperament. On the credit side, he was easily pleased and Baba explained that he had to first to get his mast in the best possible mood to achieve the purpose of his work.  Ali Shah gave the impression of being useful to Baba as a first line reserve mast when there was urgent spiritual work to be done, due to his living in Ahmednagar.

Meher Baba had called Ali Shah for various spiritual works on several occasions at Meherabad, Aurangabad, Pimpalgaon, Hyderabad, Wai, Angris Hills, Mahabaleshwar, Purandhare and Satara.

In September 1947, Baba instructed Ali Shah to be settled at Meherabad and he was given a special room.

Meher Baba left for Baroda on 28th October 1947 and Ali shah was brought on 30th October for special work and stayed with Baba in Dak bungalow till 2nd November. Baba sat with Ali Shah twice each day for some hours.

On 5th December 1947, Baba commenced his seclusion in Tembi hills, Pimpalgaon and Ali Shah Stayed in a hut on the hill. Each morning, from 6th December to 17th December, Baba sat with Ali Shah in the lower hut from 6 a.m. to 9 a.m. for His work. On 18th and 19th December Baba sat with Ali Shah in a room for 3 hours each day. This way a total of 14 days work was completed with Ali Shah and he was sent back to Meherabad.

Ali Shah was again brought to Pimpalgaon on 18th January 1948. Baba sat with him in a room from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m. each day till 27th January. On the final day Ali Shah was given a bath and sent back. Baba bathed Ali Shah occasionally unlike other masts.

On 4th February 1948 Ali Shah was brought to Pimpalgaon for one day work between 7 a. m. to 10 a. m. and was sent back. Again on 18th February 1948, Baba worked with Ali Shah at Pimpalgaon.

This was the story of great mast Ali Shah who shared some of Baba’s manifold burdens.