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The contacts between Meher Baba and Chacha began in February 1939 at Ajmer. Baba visited him several times during period 1939-1946.

Chacha was a Pathan whose name was Nur Ali Shah and he came to Ajmer from his home in Peshawar many years ego. He was a hafiz who knew the Koran by heart and he came to Ajmer to teach Arabic. He visited the Shrine of Khwaja Moeinuddin Chisti and felt, irresistibly drawn to stay there for 12 years in the graveyard of the shrine. At the end of 12 years he left the Shrine and sat at one place for 6 years. Later he went to Taragarh and Indore and returned to Ajmer. After sitting for some years by the side of a water tap, he moved into a tiny hovel of a room near Khwaja Sahibs Shrine and never moved away from it. He was in a state of 5th and was wearing a hat and unwholesome clothes that were stained and impregnated with stale ea and remnants of decayed food. The name was Chacha was given to him because of his fondness for tea (Cha) and used to call Chacha whenever he wanted it.

In February 1939, Kaka was asked to bring Chacha and he accompanied him to Baba’s House in Ajmer. The local people who revered Chacha, were astounded since he had never moved anywhere at anyone’s behest since he had arrived at Ajmer many years ego.

When Chacha arrived at Baba’s place, his old hat and soiled clothes were removed with great difficulty and Chacha had the unique experience of having his first bath in about 30 years. He was then clad in new Kafni and he asked for a special vegetable and some millet bread. These were brought and Baba fed him with his own hands. After the meal Chacha demanded a tonga and climbed into it and told Baba to sit beside him and the two set off and Chacha was left in his hovel.

For about 2 weeks after this contact, Baba rose at 3.30 a.m. every night went to Chacha hovel and sat with him for an hour each night. The night visits were made by Baba to avoid the big crowd during day time. On 27th and 28th July 1942, Baba contacted Chacha at Ajmer during His visit. As usual He sat with Chacha for His work late in the night and a large container with hundred cups of tea with a tap to draw the tea was kept in a corner. Baba has stated that he must fulfil the slightest whim of a mast and if this is not done, the rapport is vitiated by the irritability of the mast and like children they become upset if their wish is not fulfilled.

However during the 2 hours contact, Chacha asked for tea only thrice and the balance quantity was distributed to the pilgrims who visited the shrine of Khwaja Moeinuddin Chisti.  On the second day Chacha declined the tea which was kept ready in a kettle but asked for chapattis. This was provided 3 times and Baba sat with him for his work for about 90 minutes and all the time Chacha could be heard laughing.

Meher Baba met Chacha again in July 1946 at Ajmer.  When Baba moved to Satara in May 1947, Baidul was sent to Ajmer to bring Chacha to Satara. With great difficulty, he was brought to Satara on 3 rd June 1947. He was allotted a small room and throught his 5 weeks stay he never moved out of the room. Baba spent a lot of time with Chacha, offering him tea and food.

One day a demanding incident occurred. Baba offered tea as usual and he began calling for more tea and gave it to Baba and asked Him to drink it. This went on for about a dozen cups and Baba found it difficult to drink more. Therefore Baba decided to handover to Chacha an empty cup and saucer and Chacha would go through the motion of handing it to Baba. Baba would go through the motion of drinking and this farce was played about 60 times, with Chacha being none the wiser.

In Satara Chacha refused a bath and it took weeks before he would allow his filthy, tattered clothes to be removed. He was apparently unaware of the functions of his body and had the same sort of indifference as a child and he remained in perfect health.

At the end of the first week of July 1947, Baba explained that His work with Chacha was completed and he was sent back to Ajmer with Baidul on 10th July. The people at Ajmer who revered Chacha were happy to have him amongst them again.

On 19th and 20th July 1947, Baba contacted a number of masts in Ajmer; He also sat with Chacha in his hovel for 4 hours. Chacha asked for tea frequently which was given to him and he was also fed 3 times. On this occasion he repeatedly asked for water and 2 water carriers were engaged to keep up an ample supply.

Meher Baba’s 1 st contact with Chacha was in February 1939, at Ajmer and subsequent Contacts at Ajmer were made in 1941 during May, June and October, in 1942 in February and July and in July 1945 and July 1947. He also stayed with Baba in Satara ashram for 5 weeks in 1947.

Meher Baba told Baidul at Satara that His contacts with Chacha was as good as work done with hundred ordinary masts.

“This man of God is a treasure in a ruin.”