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Only Sai Baba knew who he really was: “There was no one else like him. His value only God knew. His merit was such that if the whole world was put on one side and He on the other, He would be greater!”

Although his birth was normal, his life was not. The boy was born in a Hindu-Brahmin family of priests in the village of Satna, India, in the district of Nasik on May 15th, 1870. The boy hated school and barely managed to reach the third grade. He was a problem to his parents, but his grandfather liked him very much and taught him the Shastras (Brahmanic scriptures), which he learned with keen interest, although he despised his school lessons, as well as lessons from the temple priests.

Sadguru Narayan Maharaj was visiting Nagpur and Kashinath was very drawn to have his darshan. The program had not yet begun and many people were waiting in line. Kashinath joined them, but when darshan was about to begin Narayan Maharaj beckoned one of his disciples to bring Kashinath to him.

Kashinath fell at Narayan Maharaj’s feet. After he rose Narayan removed a garland from his neck and put it around Kashinath before the waiting congregation of thousands. Kashinath accepted the garland as a gift of Narayan’s grace, and then quietly slipped away from the crowd.

Had the Singer been found? Kashinath, however, had not seen His face. Kashinath had felt the Singer’s touch, but the echo of the Song became louder. It was years later that Sai Baba and Narayan Maharaj gave Upasni Maharaj the key and he became a Perfect Master.

It was during December, 1915, that the young Zoroastrian to whom Sai Baba had uttered “PARVARDIGAR,” wandered in a dazed state to the Khandoba temple. Upasni Maharaj had again been fasting and was reduced to a skeleton. He was naked sitting outside on the steps of the temple as the young man slowly walked forward with folded hands, Looking directly at him, Upasni picked up a stone, stood up and threw it at the young man, striking him on the forehead with such force that the wound bled.

Was Upasni Maharaj angry with this young man? No! His face had a sweet victorious smile and the young man’s bloody face did too? Smiles of victory were on both their faces.

Upasni revealed to the young man his own divine identity of being the Ancient One!