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In 1942, Baba was returning to Rishikesh from a mast trip, Eruch went to meet him. On the way, Eruch passed through a forested area known as the Abode of Sages, where yogis and rishis live in tiny white huts and meditate on God. In one dilapidated hut, Eruch saw a handsome teenage boy lying down.

Remembering Baba's constant desire to find an "ideal boy," he described the youth to Baba and requested that he at least go to the hut and have a look at this unusual boy. Baba agreed, and went to the boy's hut after crossing the Laxman Jhula Bridge on the way back to their bungalow.

He gestured to Eruch, "First, go ask him what he is doing here." Eruch talked with the boy alone, who told him, "My parents are in Ambala.

I am only 14, but I have always had a great longing for God's darshan. So I left everything and started for the Himalayas in search of Him. I have come here to meditate and see what can be learned."

"Do you have a guru?" Eruch asked.

"No, I don't; they talk too much. I want a guru who doesn't talk!"

Eruch said, "I know of a guru who has not spoken for the last seventeen years. His name is Meher Baba."

The boy at once replied, "I have heard of Shri Meher Baba; he is staying somewhere nearby, isn't he? But ..." pausing for a few moments, "But, Meher Baba is too great to accept me as his disciple."

Touched by his words, Eruch then took the lad to Baba. Upon seeing Baba, the boy was overcome with happiness. Baba told him, "I will be your guru. This is the first and last time that we will meet. You will never see me again physically. However, if you want me to accept you as my disciple, you must carry out four orders. If you agree to obey, then one day you will find me in your heart."

Baba gave him these four orders:

  1. You should be free from lust, and, until your dying day, you should never touch a woman.
  2. Instead, you should only think continuously of realizing the Divine Beloved.
  3. You must never touch money, and you must beg for your food.
  4. As a mantra from me, you must keep repeating night and day God's name — whichever name you wish.

Without the least hesitation, the boy accepted the four orders and thus obtained the guru of his heart's desire.

Baba left, and the next day sent Eruch back to the boy with a locket of his image, a book on Baba's life, a mat to sit on, and some flour to make into chapatis and eat as his prasad. The boy was extremely thankful for Baba's gifts. Without evincing the least fear, he continued to live in the woods of Rishikesh, which are famous for their deadly black scorpions, numerous snakes and occasional tigers. Now that he had found his true Master, there was nothing to fear! (Lord Meher-p-2286/7-1942)



Baba and the mandali traveled on to Suraj Kund, where, at the samadhis of Anand Nath and Manohar Nath a local priest was called to offer prayers. After the priest chanted some verses in Sanskrit, Baba, Baidul and Gustadji bowed down at the tombs. (Lord Meher-p-3398-1953) 



Dr. Yadav belonged to village Pataudi near Gurgaon in Haryana. He had the   knowledge of Homeopathy and used to treat patient in the village.

Prior coming to Meher Baba he was staunch follower of Hanuman ji. He wished to believe and had Baba Darshan in form of Hanuman. He did see Meher Baba some time as Hanuman and sometime as Meher Baba which gave him firm conviction about Meher Baba’s divinity. He had many miraculous experiences in his personal and family life.

He used to conduct annual Meher Baba gathering in his village Pataudi in every December after Delhi Mela.