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(March and April 1939)    

Meher Baba visited Jabalpur in January 1939 and again in March 1939 and it was during the 2nd visit that Mast Ashram was established. It began about halfway through March and continued till early part of May. Its most active period seemed to have been in March and April 1939.

The chief characteristic of this Ashram was that except for Mohammad, who stayed for entire period of Baba’s sojourn, all other masts save 2 or 3 were kept for a day or two only.

New comers tousled heads and bearded faces were cropped close with clippers and after bath, a new Kafni would be given for their use. They would then be fed by Baba and he would sit with them in silent conference.

Gulab Baba of Ellichpur was brought to Jabalpur mast Ashram on 17th March 1939 with some difficulty by Kaka and Jalbhai. After persuasion he agreed to have his hair cut and be bathed and clothed by Baba. He was fed in a room behind closed doors but he rushed out in frenzy after some time. Baba asked Kalka to take him back to Ellichpur. He was high 6th plane Mast. His description is also given under subhead Group 3 (Advanced Souls) at page-29

Khala Masi was an old lady, a highly advanced mastani Chhagan Brought her from Seoni, and she seemed to have recognized Baba’s spiritual greatness, for as soon she saw him she rose and embraced Baba lovingly, and then pressed her temples with her hands, which is a gesture that a woman offers only to those she loves. She was bathed, and fed by Baba and he sat with her alone for some time. She said to Baba, “You are the Ocean, give me a few drop from it to drink.” Her description is also given under subhead Group 3 (Advance Souls) at page-29


MOHAMMAD (Refer Page-31)





Dada Maharaj was an aged mast of 6th plane more than 80 years old. He was so frail that he had to be carried. He was held in high esteem at Amraoti. He used to carry a big bundle with a hat on top of it and would refer to them as his parents. He was brought to the Ashram for one day.


This mast was contacted by Baba in Sager on 13th March 1939 and was brought to the Ashram by Baba and Kaka. He stayed for about a week. Baba gave the name Magar Mast (Crocodile Mast) because his skin wax covered with hard, rough scales that reminded about the skin of a Crocodile.     Baba used to rub oil into his skin every day and in a few weeks his skin became supple and healthy. He was a very good mast in a majzoob state.


A high mast (name not known) whom Baba contacted in Ujjain a few weeks before was brought to the Ashram. He was an important mast of 6th plane and made indelible impression on those who saw him and was about 50 years old. He stayed in the Ashram for about 10 days and after Baba’s work with him, Chhagan took him back to Ujjain. He sat at the side of a street with a huge mound of rags, and bits of paper, 3 feet high, and went on tearing them to shreds.

Meher Baba and party stayed in Jabalpur from 19th December 1938 to 15th January 1939 and from mid March to 15th May 1939. The Mast Ashram was most active in March and April 1939.