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Completion titled “Fortunate souls” volume 1 is printed which covers fortunate souls under group 1 to 11.

Fortunate souls of following Indian states ae categorized in group 15

1- Andhra Pradesh

2- Bihar

3- Delhi


5-Himachal Pradesh

6-Jammu & Kashmir

7- Karnataka


9-Madhya Pradesh & Chhattisgarh




13-Utter Pradesh


15-West Bengal

Fortunate souls of following Other countries are covered in category fortunate souls group 16






Fortunate souls of Maharashtra state are covered in category fortunate souls group 17

In spite my best search from books, souvenirs and personal contacts in limited localities in north India, there is all likelihood of omissions or repetitions’ or spelling mistakes in writing names. Most of text in this compilation is copy paste from the book “Lord Meher” by Bhau Kalchuri. Focus has been not on personal biography of individual but their interaction/dialogues with Meher Baba. Names are written in alphabetical order according to surname except wherever not available. Names of husband and wife are put together. A List for each state is also provided in beginning of each group for selective reading. Readers may make use search box on website by name of any Baba lover.

Any reader, particularly surviving Baba lovers who have met Baba in person are    requested to review their short biography in state-wise “List” and “Contact” under category of fortunate souls group 15 to 17 on website and if they find it incorrect ,inappropriate or insufficient, they can send me the corrected, revised  of the same or a new version written in their own words (limited to 250 words) to be modified or added on the website. In case someone is not interested or does not want to be part of this compilation his name and biography shall deleted from website . Please note that the biographies /contact details of Baba lovers whose names appear in Lord Meher are copied without any addition or deletion. Hence I feel that there should no objection if same text appears on in this compilation also.

Awaiting for response from Baba lovers/lovers/devotees

Jai Baba


On behalf of Avatar Meher Baba Prasar Kendra, Delhi.


Web Id: www.ambprasarkendra.com

Date: 3--03 -2021