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Baba said, “Work undertaken with honest intent and love for God is Baba’s work, and those who do this are always His”.

At the outset, I would like to quote what Baba has said about the miraculous experiences. He said,“I do not perform miracles.  However, miraculous experiences have often been experienced by individuals who love Me and have unswerving faith in Me and these have been attributed to My ‘Nazar’ on them.  But I want all to know that it does not befit My lovers to attribute such individual miraculous experiences to My state of the Highest of the High.  If I am the Highest of the High, I am above the illusory plays of Maya.  Therefore, whatever miraculous experiences are experienced by My lovers or those who love Me unknowingly through other channels, they are but the outcome of their own firm faith in Mme.  Their unshakable faith often superseding the course of ‘Maya’ gives them those experiences which they call miracles”.

Baba has come to sow the seeds of love in our hearts.  I, therefore, think that when this seed of lover sown in the hearts of His lovers, when germinates and grow up fully, those hearts can have such miraculous experiences.  But one is not expected to stuck in such illusory experiences.  One must go beyond such experiences and live the life of fully surrenderance to His wish.  This is the reason why, Baba once said, “One by one the many coloured attachments to the false must be relinquished.  Bit by bit, the sanskaric hinder feeding, the deceptive flames of the separative ego must be replaced by the imperative evidence of the unquenchable flame of truth.  Only in this manner can man ascend to the height of divine attainment: the endless beginning of life eternal”.

Baba also said, ‘One who calls out sincerely to God, never fails to be heard and receive His help”.

We, all Baba-lovers, are a part of that river bubbling, swirling, and dancing towards the Ocean - Ocean of Divinity.  Our lives are governed by our sanskaras that we have accumulated over several lifetimes. But when we come to the orbit of the Avatar, our lives undergo a transformation. This transformation is different in each individual.

Turning Point:

I think, this transformation is a turning point in the life of a Baba lover.  When one comes in external contact of Beloved Baba, he really is a blessed one.  Why?  Because he is now on the turning point of his life, this turning itself is a blessing of God.

When this turning came in the life of dacoit, Walmiki, he became Rishi Walmiki.  Similar is the case of Meera, Tulsidas and many others.

When this turning comes in the lives of Baba lovers, he/she must visualize his/her life as to where he/she stands on the path of Real-Life.  Such calibration will help for him/her to make progress on the path with the blessings of Avatar of the Age.

When, we see that the life of noted singers, cricketers, players, actors, dancers, wrestlers, mountaineers, scientist, politicians, writers and many others, we find that they devote their whole life for that one aspect of life only.  That becomes their hobby for the sake of fame and money.  They get one-pointedness in only that particular field of life.  And this one-pointedness acquired with so much labour and pain ultimately one day turns toward God after lakhs of births taken in human form.  This is real turning in their life.

But I sincerely feel that this turning has already come in the life of a Baba lover.  Now it is open for him to utilize this blessed opportunity for his own emancipation.

A Baba lover is a gifted soul who is said to be on the turning point toward God.

Avatar Meher Baba, the Highest of the High, silently accomplished His divine mission of giving spiritual push to all mankind and awakening them for the real life.  As a part of divine game during His advent as God-man, He drew many fortunate souls into His fold. And while expending this special push, many souls have had miraculous experiences.

Inscrutable are His ways!  Who knows how Beloved Avatar Meher Baba showers His grace and love to fulfill ardent longing of each and every lover, His loved children to make them happy and keep at ease.  According to the longing each lover will be blessed with opportunity to work in His cause and Shri Birendra Kumar is such a blessed one to utilize the opportunity given by Beloved Baba to work in His cause.  Baba said, “Be brave, and spread My message of love and truth far and wide, to all quarters, in order to fulfill My Divine-Will”.

Shri. Birendra Kumar has compiled 430 episodes in this book titled, “Inspiring Episodes” (Volume-1). It is a tremendous labour of love in His service.  He had also made other compilations in order to spread the message of Beloved Baba.

I hope, Beloved Baba would give him more strength to bring about more volumes in order to spread His message of love and truth.

May the remembrance of You helps us to hold on to You throughout the delights and trials of our life!

Jai Meher Baba!

(Anna Khandale)


15th August 2019