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Any Baba lover who had Baba’s darshan or has come to Baba’s fold must have gained some kind inspiring or miraculous experiences at gross, subtle (dream) or mental level. Avatar’s working to awaken the soul individually or in group is very different and appeared as personal approach to each one. Baba said that Avatar or Sadguru uses Maya to bring you out of Maya. For example when you approach Him in any difficulty He will bring relief for you and you get influenced or drawn to Him. But sooner or later, He will make you realise that your asking for relief for material benefit is not desirable; you should be content with your lot and resign to His will which is your destiny.

Baba also said that every individual is different; likewise spiritual path of God realization for every soul is different. There are as number of spiritual paths as the number of souls on gross, subtle or mental planes. Experience of two persons cannot be the same.

Baba approach to His lovers and all humanity can be described in brief as under:

For intellectuals Baba gave book like “God Speaks” which reveals mysteries of the universe as how it came into being and what are the stages and experiences of the soul in traversing the journey from God to man (Evolution) and man to God (Involution). To many, Baba advised to read “God Speaks” and “Discourses”.

Baba did not attach much importance to intellect but did not discard it also. Meher Baba explained that Intellectual reading can bring one on the threshold of spirituality, but cannot help beyond that. To enter in the house of God one has to fall into the lap of Love, obedience and surrender to God and help of a perfect Master or Avatar.

Baba had great sense humor. He made intimate contact with many of His lovers which all liked. It also carried messages and were never derogatory.

Baba was most compassionate true to His name (Meher) beyond our imagination. Through all social activities of running dispensary, poor feeding, school education, serving mast and mad in ashram and contact with advance souls, He demonstrated the true aspect of His mission “Mastery in Servitude.” He helped many of poor and destitute families financially and attended their joyous and condolence ceremonies. He saved many of His frustrated lovers and mandali men from suicide. He also acted in different manner to many to thrash their ego His lovers and even of mandali members. Sometime Baba Himself would create the rift among lovers to surface their ego and thrash them to eliminate it.

Through His love for games like cricket, cards, atya-patya (A game of seven tiles), He won the hearts of many of His lovers. Meher Baba loved devotional music particularly ghazals. He used to listen bhajans qawaalis, and ghazals in darshan programs. Many of singer’s community were greatly benefited by His contact through His love for music.

Baba had divine physical strength. Baba said that Avatar does not use His divine power except infinite knowledge to awaken mankind. He did not display His strength in public but Baba proved it to mandali men who were convinced of Baba’s divine physical strength.

Meher Baba, through His infinite knowledge awakened His lovers. He was all knowing and past present and future of every soul was like open book for Him. Baba had unique way of reaching to His lover’s mind and heart using His infinite knowledge. He used to answer the questions of His lovers even before asking by themselves to quiet their mind and open their heart. Many intellectuals came to Baba with the list of questions, mostly were answered by Baba in silence. For few, their mind became blank in presence of Baba and they could not ask anything.

Baba’s extra ordinary beautiful and radiating personality incomparable to anyone on the earth was main attraction for the visitors. Many get mesmerized and drawn to Baba by His excellent charming beauty.

Baba said that I am in all and everything. You may revere any saint or guru, all your reverence indirectly comes to Me because I am present in all saints and gurus. So, why not to directly approach Meher Baba, Guru of all gurus?

This compilation covers many real episodes during Baba’s life time with His lovers and mandali men which reflect His ways and means as how He acted with His lovers. Many of episodes appear miraculous for His lovers who accepted it as miracle, but Baba always insisted that I do not perform miracle. It is your love for Me that makes you feel the miracle. You should not accept any miracle from Me but resign to My will under all circumstances.

I feel, episodes produced here may be a source of inspiration for Baba lovers. There would be many more interesting, inspiring and miraculous episodes which could not be reached by me, readers may please excuse.