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There was king not only religious but having belief that bkakti is best path to follow for spiritual advancement or to find God. He wanted to testify & strengthen his belief. So he thought a novel method to test. He invited all experts of all spiritual seekers and wayfarers viz Yogi, Astrologer, Tantrik .Ramalachrya and saint (Bhakt). The king himself held a small piece diamond in his fist and called everyone one by one, Yogi, astrologer, Tantric & Ramalacharya without disclosing what he had in his fist. The king asked every one the only one question “what is in my hands”? Every one calculated in his own way and answered “diamond “,

King had thought to test the saint at last and got disappointed with the idea that and even saint could pass the test with the same answer, his belief for supremacy of bhakti over all other roads will not be established.

At last king called saint (bhakt) and put forth same question to him. The saint answered, I don’t know. I don’t possess any mystic powers as others may have. I am just a believer of God. I just pray God & try to remember Him as I could. But king insisted to answer the question. Saint replied I really don’t know. Any material thing is worthless like Mitti in sense of spirituality, so take it as Mitti. Once again disappointed king for a wrong answer opened his fist but to the utter surprise of king & all others, diamond had turned into mitti  King was delighted to have witnessed the testimony of supremacy of bhakti over all others

Remembrance is one of the nine types of bhakti as categorized in Ramayana of Tulsidas.