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Only existence is of God. He is everything and everywhere. In this universe nothing exists except Him. The appearance of our existence is like the appearance of false snake in the rope in darkness. Just like the appearance of snake is nothing, illusion, the appearance of our individuality is also nothing, illusion. The real existence is of only of God (the rope). Just like the illusory/false snake cannot do anything nor can harm anybody, we also being nothing, illusion cannot do anything. So the real existence is of only God and so, obviously He is the doer of everything in this universe. He is our Real Self (Godhood) as well as our false self (egos). Thus, we do not exist at all.

This can be understood by another example. When we sleep and go into dream, our existence is lost in the dream. We are there in the dream but with a different identity, sometimes rich sometimes poor and so many things which are not in our control. The happenings in the dream also are not in our control and it appears that everything is happening automatically like a film show and everything is predetermined. When we wake up then only we realize that we were dreaming and the dream was nothing, illusion and the I in the dream was not me but it was false I which was nothing, illusion.

This world is also like a dream, where our identity is of false self (i) which is nothing, illusion. Our Real self is Godhood who is dreaming in the dream of the world by becoming our false selves (i’s) in us and doing everything in the dream of the world. Thus God Himself is both Real Self as well as our false selves (i’s) and so only He exists and we have no existence but have a false appearance like the appearance of false snake (false self, ego) in the rope (Real self, God).

When God creates imaginary/illusory universe, He becomes everything of it including all persons and their individual false selves (ego, identity). These false selves are nothing, illusion like a snake in the rope in darkness. But we do not know that we are nothing, illusion. God knows that He Himself has become all the illusory false selves in each human beings and He is simultaneously aware of both, His Godhood (Real Self) as well as false selves within each of us. And He Himself is doing everything though us using our bodies and minds. However, due to our false/illusory identification with our false selves and our bodies and minds, we wrongly think that we are the doer of our actions.

During the process of evolution probably at some stage of animal incarnation alongwith mind, false self (ego) also originates and during the course of evolution it becomes fully developed in human form. Now from here during the process of involution (spiritual advancement), journey of false self goes in reverse direction until it vanishes in the seventh plane after God-realisation.

The snake in rope appears only in darkness and when the light comes, it disappears automatically. In the same manner, the false self(ego) appears only in ignorance during the process of evolution of mankind and it disappears during involution at the seventh stage, when the light of God-realisation dawns.


Dr. J. Kumar



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As per Baba's teachings, all spiritual knowledge, journey on spiritual path, all doings, seven planes of involution, bondage and freedom etc. are all nothing, illusion like a dream as this universe itself is imaginary, nothing and illusion.

When we go to sleep we get into bondage (i.e. origin of false self (ego) and false identification with body and mind). And when we wake up, we get to know our Real self (vanishing of false self, ego i.e. God-realization).

Let us see what happens in the dream state. When we enter into dream we lose ourselves (our real identity) and a new identity is borne which we may call it (false self(ego). And throughout the dream this false self works. The strange thing is that we are not aware of this false self and its actions in the dream state. Moreover, we do not have any control over it and its actions.  Actions of false self and events in the dream are happening automatically and it appears that everything is predetermined in the dream. This is exactly what is happening in the world (our dream). Here what is happening and what is being done by our false selves are happening automatically as if everything is predetermined (just like in the dream). However, being unaware of the fact that we are in dream state we think that we are doing everything, which is wrong. The truth is that we are not doing anything and everything is predetermined. Being aware of this truth and practising this in life is called Sankhya Yoga , a highest kind of yoga by Lord Krishna in Bhagwatgeeta.

All our efforts for God-realization, Yogas, journey on spiritual path, seven planes etc, are happening in dream only.

So only worth doing thing in life (dream) is to always remember Baba and love Him more and more to wake up ourselves from our dream.


DR. j . Kumar

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Miseries and sufferings are blessings of God which can be understood through following examples.

A sick child pressurizes his parents for ice cream but his parents don’t give, scolds and even slaps because it is not good for him. The child thinks that my parents are not good. However, the truth is that parents are the best well-wishers and always think and do only good for their child’s welfare. Second example is when a doctor does an operation on our bodies to cure some ailments, although we may feel pain/sufferings but it is only for our good. Third example is of a man going on road and stumbles down and gets wounds. He blames God for giving this misery for no fault of his. However, he does not know that had he not fallen, a truck coming from behind would have hit him and he could have got serious injuries. Thus, God rather did mercy on him and saved from bigger miseries and sufferings.

Similarly, even though we do not like undesirable/unfavorable happenings in our life, the truth is that whatever God does i.e. whatever is happening in our life is always only for our good because God is our mother and father both and He is our best well-wisher. Even our miseries and sufferings are only for our good.

God never gives us miseries and sufferings. These are the outcomes of our own past bad karmas and Sanskaras as Prarabdh. God rather reduces and minimizes miseries/sufferings of His devotees by His mercy and blessings. Therefore, it is not proper to blame God for our sufferings, rather we should be grateful and thankful to Him for His mercy and blessings bestowed on us by converting our big miseries/sufferings into a smaller one. So we should never forget that whatever God is dong or what is happening good or bad in our life is all His will and it is best for us because of His love to His children as no parent will do anything bad for their children.

If we are getting severe miseries and sufferings in life, much more than others, we should think that God wants us to speed up our progress in spiritual journey of God-realization by cutting our past bad Karmas and Sanskaras rapidly. Thus, this is also His grace, mercy, and blessings on us.

So we should never worry for our miseries and sufferings and we should not worry also because of following reasons.

1-We should remember following Truths

  • God is everything and doer of everything
  • Everything is predetermined
  • What happens is only good
  • World is an imagination, nothing, illusion, immaterial like a dream
  • World is like a film show where everything is predetermined

2-Miseries and sufferings are nothing, illusion and immaterial like happenings of the dream.

3-We are not suffering. it is our false selves (i, ego which is nothing, illusion) are suffering and          that too in illusion.

4-It is actually God (who has become our false selves) is suffering consciously knowing that these sufferings are nothing, illusion, immaterial.

5-Our false selves are suffering due to our past Karmas / Sanskaras as per the Law of Karma. But all these are again illusion as the world itself is nothing, illusion, imaginary.

6-Think of story of Arjuna’s attachment with his son Abhimanyu who was killed in Mahabharat. On insistence of Arjuna to meet Abhimanyu when Krishna took him to Mrityulok to meet Abhimanyu, Abhimanyu told Arjuna that “I don’t know you. Our relation of son and father was only till we were in human bodies on earth. In past births many times I had been your father.” So we should not have any attachments with our earthly relations. We are in fact different souls having our individual journeys to our goal of God-realization. We have our own karmas and Sanskaras and on that basis we take births on earth to reap our karmas/Sanskaras as Prarabdha as per the Law of Karma.

7-Baba says:

  1. You should look upon physical and mental sufferings as gift from God. as they bring their own lessons of the futility of the passing and for the intrinsic worth of the Eternal.
  2. When you suffer, don’t worry. Say, “it is Baba’s grace.”
  3. Suffering is the keynote of the spiritual life. God loves most those who suffer most.
  4. At times, I give special prasad to the fortunate few, suffering and pain is the special prasad. This should be received with love for remaining happy.
  5. Do not consider suffering, pain, despair and the like as a sign that God has forsaken you. When I take cognizance of you and My eyes are set on you, then alone do these things beset you. These are My special prasad to the fortunate few.
  6. For My friends- I kill them-and it is highest Mercy on them. My Mercy and Grace to them are troubles and harassment.
  7. Generally, people think that their “Happiness” is a “Gift of God to Man” and their “Suffering” is due to the “curse” of God to man but one wonders to know that it is not so. On the other hand, “Human suffering” if accepted as God’s prasad, is indeed God’s blessings in disguise.
  8. When you suffer most, My full grace is upon you. If faced bravely and cheerfully, they could become the gateway of eternal happiness.
  9. Pain is My grace. This is real My mercy which descends on very very select few. These are My friends. These are My lovers to whom I give gift of sorrow and distress. It is gift much greater than gold of incalculable value and not given to all. This gift is only for My beloved children.
  10. Remember that I love most those whose hearts I pierce and who, though their hearts are wounded, stay with Me through thick and thin.
  11. Uninvited suffering is blessings in disguise. I am the One to take and not the One to give what you want as you want.
  12. Unprecedented suffering leads to unprecedented spiritual growth.
  13. We Masters can grant a world of gold, happiness and prosperity by their blessings but the rare gift of privations, troubles and suffering is destined only for a few.
  14. Suffering comes according to the law of karma and must be accepted with grace and fortitude. Your actions are the cause of much of your suffering which can be minimized.

Dr. Jitendra Kumar

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(Sankhya Yoga)

Baba has said that “the simplest and easiest Yoga for God-realization is Prem or Bhakti Yoga”. However, compared to it, the most difficult one is the Sankhya Yoga mentioned in Bhagawad Geeta by Lord Krishna and He Himself has mentioned that this is very difficult Yoga. Sankhya Yoga means the renunciation of the sense of doership (kartapan ka tyag). This indirectly means complete surrendence to God and denial of false self (i, ego) which is nothing, illusion like snake in a rope.

In Bhagavad Gita chapter 5 verse 14, Lord Krishna says “The God does not create man’s sense of doership (kartapan), their karmas nor the fruits of their karmas (karmafal). It is the nature and three gunas doing everything. Further in Bhagavad Gita chapter 5 verses 8-9, Lord Krishna says a Sankhyayogi while seeing, hearing, touching, smelling, eating, moving, dreaming, breathing, speaking, discarding, grasping, opening and closing of the eyelids feels that he is not doing anything but all this is the senses interacting with the sense objects. This means we are not doing anything and our sense of doership is wrong as the false self (i, ego) itself is nothing, illusion. When one leaves the sense of doership, one finds that the things are simply happening of their own accord through you using your body mind and intellect as medium and you are not the doer. You can simply watch/witness the happenings of things through your body, mind and intellect.

Meher Baba has also said at many places in His messages that “I am the Real doer, you do not do anything, even a leaf cannot quiver without My will”. Not only the things done by you but all the things in the universe are happening every moment automatically by the energy/power of some unknown force which we may call God. See how the plants are growing day by day and become a tree one day; the insects and birds are coming out of eggs, grow and become adult automatically. Are they doing of their own will or power? In the same way we are born, grow and die one day. The only difference compared to other living beings is that we have the false sense of doership created by our false self (i, ego) and we wrongly take the credit that we are doing everything.

Now, how to follow the Sankhya Yoga? Sankhya Yoga means renunciation of sense of doership (kartapan ka tyag). So just watch or witness the activities of your body, mind and intellect like watching the clouds coming and going in the sky or watching the vehicles moving on the road without having the sense of doership. In other words, be completely surrendered, dependent and resigned to the will of God which means having no desire and attachment to anything. This also means total acceptance of everybody and everything as God’s will. It is just like watching the film show of God (worldly events) on the screen of world without getting mentally involved and disturbed by the worldly happenings unlike the audience of a film show in a theatre. So we should see the world and worldly events like a film show where shooting is already over and everything is predetermined and one cannot change anything. Thus, we should neither desire anything nor be disturbed or worried by the worldly happenings.

Dr. J. Kumar

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It is true that during miseries and sufferings, it looks real and we are miserable also but truth is that miseries/sufferings are nothing, illusion. For example, one person is sleeping and dreaming and another person sitting next to him is waking. For the waking person sitting beside him all the miseries and sufferings being experienced by the sleeping person in dream is nothing because the person is just sleeping. However, in dream the miseries and sufferings of a dreaming person seems real, but as soon as he wakes up, he feels that all those miseries and sufferings were nothing, illusion. This is true with our present miseries and sufferings also. We are dreaming so our miseries and sufferings seems real. When we will wake up (i.e. after God-realization) we will know that all these miseries and sufferings were nothing, illusion only.

The truth is that this world is God’s dream. In His Dream, He has become we (our false selves) and we are dreaming. Although we, as man are dreaming but not knowing that it is actually God (our Real self) who is dreaming in us. However, God knows very much that it is actually He, Himself is dreaming in each of us and He is conscious of both His dreaming as well as waking states simultaneously, whereas we are conscious of our dreaming state only leading to our endless miseries and sufferings throughout life. Just like in our dreams, in God’s dream also everything is predetermined (as per God’s will). Just like in our dreams, we do not have any control over God’s dream also as everything is predetermined in both types of dreams. If God (as Avatar in the form of Meher Baba) happens to enter into our dream as human being and tells us that all our experiences, dukh, sukh of the world is nothing, illusion and world is like a dream, it would be difficult for us to believe. Our reality (world) in dream state is nothing and so is our miseries and sufferings in our dream.

God as one I (Real Self) has become numerous i’s (false selves) and each i is dreaming. When i (false self) come in contact with an Avatar or Sadguru, who takes him out of his dream, he becomes God-realized and realizes that he was dreaming and his all miseries and sufferings were nothing, illusion. Each and every i (false self) i.e. each one of us will come out of our dreams sooner or later which is certain.
Spiritual Masters, Sadgurus and Avatars always say that don’t worry, be happy, be surrendered to God, and accept everything as His will because they know that we are dreaming and everything in our dream is predetermined, fixed. Spiritual leaders and scriptures say that for God-realization do any of the four Yogas (Bhakti, Karma, Dhyan or Gyan) or remember/love God more and more because by doing this we will be able to forget our false selves (ego) and come out of our dream state. When they say love your fellow beings, they mean each of us are not different from each other but forms of the same one God. We are miserable only as long as we are in dream. So, we should try to love and remember God more and more to receive His grace for waking us from our dreams.

Dr. J. Kumar

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बाबा वही करते हैं, जो हमारे लिये अच्छा होता है

जो हम सोचते हैं, इच्छा करते हैं, प्रार्थना करते हैं, वह बाबा हमेशा नहीं पूरी करते हैं। बाबा वही करते हैं जो बाबा के डिवाइन प्लान में है, जो बाबा की मर्ज़ी है, जो पूर्व निर्धारित है और जो हमारे लिए अच्छा है।
जो हम चाहते हैं, बाबा उससे भी अच्छा करते हैं और जिसमें हमारी भलाई है (भले ही हम उस समय यह समझ न पाएं)।क्योंकि कई बार अनजाने में हम बाबा से वह मांगते है जिसमें हमारी भलाई नहीं होती, जो हमारे लिए अच्छा नहीं होता। लेकिन बाबा जानते हैं हमारी भलाई किसमें है, और बाबा वही करते हैं, क्योंकि बाबा बहुत कृपालु है, दया केसागर हैं, वह हमारे माता और पिता दोनों हैं और वह हमसे उतना प्यार करते हैं, जितना हम खुद भी अपने आप से नहींकरते।
डॉ. जे. कुमार

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We can find sooner or later, the things which we have lost but it is very difficult to find something which is with us and we have not lost. A very good example of it as follows:
If you have a room completely filled with household things like sofa set, dining table, chairs, bed, TV etc. and if you say that there is no space in the room, it is not correct. The space in the room has not gone anywhere; you throw out all the items from the room, space will be there. It had not gone anywhere; it was already there. Similarly, God is already inside us in our heart, if we throw out our jealousy, hatred, enmity, lust and other vices we will find God there which was already existing there like the space in the room.
Baba has said:
There is only one difference between you and Me. I know that I am God but you don’t know that you are God.

Dr. J. Kumar

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Whatever we see in and around us in the world from to time we wake up in the morning till we sleep in the night, daily and throughout life is the Film of God.
Whatever we see with our eyes and whatever we can perceive with our senses, living as well as non-living things in the world and this universe is nothing but God. In other words, nothing exists but God and when only God exists, obviously He is all in all in His film, i.e. the script writer, producer, director, actors and audience of His Divine film.
So, just only witness / watch and enjoy the film show of God on the screen of time in the theatre of world, without getting emotional or disturbed, because it is just film not reality, where everything is predetermined and shooting is already over.
The specialty of the film of God is that He Himself is all in all, script writer, producer, director, actors and even audience also.

Dr. J. Kumar

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Worry, miseries and sufferings are the inevitable part of the human life and it repeats also number of times varying from persons to persons. So it is good if one learns to tackle it as early as possible in one’s life and sooner the better. This is because one cannot avoid it and has to face it many times in one’s life. There are various approaches or solutions to deal with it.
One can choose from the following three approaches as suggested by Meher Baba depending upon one’s mental temperament.
The first is to accept it as Baba’s will and not to desire / pray to come out of it. Moreover, Baba is God, He knows everything, our problems, our difficulties and He loves us, so He will automatically do what is good, rather best for us.
The second is ask / pray God for relief and leave the rest to Him and don’t desire and expect favourable the result (दे दो अपनी अर्जी, आगे उसकी मर्ज़ी).
The third option is ask Him, pray Him cry before Him for help / relief. If we don’t ask Him, whom should we ask? If a child doesn’t ask / cry before his parents, then to whom except Baba who is our mother and father both.

Dr. J. Kumar

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Since only God exists, nothing exists besides Him-and then obviously He is also the Doer of everything.
Since only God exists and He created this universe which itself is the biggest illusion / imagination / nothing-hence everything of this universe, living as well as non-living too are illusion, nothing and immaterial.
Since only God exists-we (our false selves, egos) have no existence just like illusion of snake in the rope, where snake does not exist at all. Since we are nothing / illusion, karmas, sanskaras, seven planes of involution, bondage and liberation are all nothing but illusion.

Since only God exists-all else (universe, earth, sun, stars, living and non-living beings) and everything which we can see and perceive in the world are also nothing but illusion.

Since God is the Doer of everything-everything is predetermined by God and events are just happening like a film show on the screen of time. We are unnecessarily taking the burden of doing by considering ourselves as the doer. This is the cause of our unwanted worries for the incidents happening around us which is beyond our control. Events/happenings are just events/happenings only but we label them as good or bad based on our self-interest, loss and gain, leading to happiness or worries.

Since God is the doer of everything-it is like we are puppets in the hands of God and God is making us to act and dance according to His wish and will and we don’t have any control on our thoughts, words and deeds.
Since God is the doer of everything-the Law of Karma and formation of sanskaras are also nothing/illusion. As soon as we consider ourselves as the doer (karta), the Law of Karma comes into action and the moment we involve ourselves in thinking, speaking and doing, formation of sanskaras begins at gross, subtle and mental levels.

Since the sense of doer-ship (false i, ego) itself is nothing but illusion-the Law of Karma and sanskaras are also nothing/illusion, although they are governed by certain principles and laws just like the moon moves around the earth and the earth moves around the sun and follow certain principles and laws such as the Law of Gravitation.
Since God is everything, we (our false selves) are nothing, illusion-our existence (false self) is illusion like snake in the rope. This misconception of our existence makes us to think that we are somebody; we can do something and can bring results. It also makes us feel that we are different from each other. However, in reality we all are one. We can be compared to the bubbles in the shoreless sea (God) which have false selves (egos) and identify themselves separate from the sea and other bubbles. However, the truth is that all the bubbles are one with the sea and with other bubbles. This false self (ego) having illusory existence, is the hindrance in getting rid of the bondage (Maya) for attaining God- realization. In reality, bondage exits as long as we are under illusion of our false existence.

If we keep this Ultimate Truth in mind, all our worries and problems will vanish. The root cause of all our worries, problems are in fact the result of our false identification with our limited body and mind, thus giving rise to our false self which separates us from others and our Real Self.
(Based on Meher Baba's teachings)

Dr. J. Kumar