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Real Self (God, Paramatma, Over-soul)

It is pure consciousness, all-pervading like shoreless ocean. In the beginning of beginning only God existed in His beyond beyond state of unconsciousness where He Himself was not conscious of Himself. The universe came into existence by a whim in the beyond state of God which is nothing but God’s imagination. God has infinite power, knowledge and bliss and is omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient but remained ignorant of all these when God manifested in form of man (Atma).

False Self (man)

It is false identification with finite body and mind.  This is an illusion like appearance of a snake in a rope in the darkness. Real Self (God,), Himself has become the illusory false-self in every one and He (God Real-Self) is the real doer of everything through our body, mind and intellect, though we falsely consider ourselves as the doer because of not knowing the truth that only God exists. We possess an illusory false-self but in reality we are ignorant God (Real-Self). It is our false-self (ignorant God) which enjoys and suffers.

Real Self (God) resides in us as Atma (Ignorant God) and is bound with gross, subtle and mental bodies. We (Atma - false-selves) falsely identify ourselves with our finite bodies, minds, intellects and are associated with particular religion, caste, creed, colour, sect, nationality etc. We wrongly consider ourselves as the doer whereas, the real doer is God (Real-Self).

As man, our false self (Atma) makes us to do everything using our bodies, minds and intellects, based on our past karmas and sanskaras. Many of our body functions like heart beats, breathing, blood circulation, digestion and number of physiological processes are functioning involuntarily without our knowledge. Voluntary acts like talking, eating, walking etc. which we (false self) think that we are doing, are actually done and sourced by the energy manifested in ourselves (Atma-false-selves) from same infinite power of God (Real-self).

We (false-selves) with our finite forms, falsely consider ourselves as the doer. However, the truth is that we are not the actual doer. It is like the player of puppet show who makes puppets to perform. It is also like the sea (God, Real-Self) which creates the waves and bubbles (Atma-false selves) and finally merges into the sea (God, Real-Self). God is the Real Doer of everything and we unnecessarily create and take the burden of our thoughts, words and actions and worry unnecessarily.

We (man) are an illusioned entity and do nothing but carry wrong impression that we (man) are doing everything apparently. It is like bubbles (Atma, false-self) created by waves (whim of God) which identify themselves as the separate entities from other bubbles (Atma-false-selves).

God (Real-self) is conscious of His Real-Self (God-Paramatma) as well as false selves (Atma, false-self) and knows that He Himself is both Real-Self as well as false-selves. However, we (Atma, false-selves) are not conscious of our Real-Self but only of our illusory false-selves. Our journey from false-self to Real-Self through involution (seven planes) is also an illusion, a journey without journeying.

Another analogy can be that world is like a Divine Film Show, where God (Real-self, Paramatma) is all in all, producer, director, script writer, actor and audience also.

God is working at two levels. Initially, God (Real-Self) manifested Himself evolving from gaseous form to animal.  At the second level God (Real-Self) manifested Himself as man and involuted from first to seventh planes of consciousness of God (Real-Self).

The difference between Real-Self and false-self can be better understood with the following story.

Once a young Prince while on his excursion in Jungle met an accident and lay unconscious. The villagers took him to village and after treatment; he recovered but had lost his memory. He started living with the villagers and doing some small job for his livelihood like a poor man. Here the Prince can be compared to the Real-Self and the same prince as poor man can be compared to false-self.

Baba explained that your Real “I” within is playing the part of false “I.” Your Real “I” has falseness attached to it. False “I” can see only the gross world. The Real “I” sees backwards. Thus, a step backwards (opposite direction to seeing) is really a step forward. A fifth plane wali takes one to subtle world, many planes are seen, but all are really illusion, such as beautiful music, lights, scents, and so forth. A sixth plane pir or saint takes one to the mental world; here the direction of seeing is reversed, and Infinite God is seen. On the sixth plane, one sees God but does not know he is God. In moving from gross to the subtle to the mental world, full consciousness is kept. The Perfect Master removes all falseness from the Real “I” leaving only the Real “I”. The Real “I” becomes one with Infinity. When the false “I” is removed, individuality is given. The Real “I” says: “I am God.” But, in effect, all individualities are one.The Perfect Master is the Individualized Ocean, and the Avatar is the Oceanized Individuality. It is the Avatar who knows fully that He is in all and all are in Him.

Following should be our approach:

  1. Do not consider yourself as the doer.
  2. Simply witness the actions of your body, mind and intellect being done by the God (Real Self).
  3. Do not have desire, attachment.
  4. Be completely surrendered and resigned to God’s will.
  5. Always remember and love God.

Dr. J. Kumar and B. Kumar

N.B.This article is based on Baba's teachings