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Dreams within DREAM

At the outset, we must understand two facts about dream. First, dream is not real, a false experience of nothing and has no significance. Secondly, the dreamer is not aware that he himself is the creator of his dream; he himself becomes both the subject and objects of his dream and obviously he is also the doer of everything in his dream.

There can be two categories of dream, one is dream of God another dream of man.The universe, its objects and all events are within the dream of God. God Himself is the creator of His dream, becomes everything in His dream and obviously becomes the doer of everything also. Thus, the dreams of human being are dreams within DREAM of God.

There are three major differences between the DREAM of God and the dream of man.

First, God is conscious of His both states, one as dreamer (i.e. God’s state, Real Self) and second as the objects of His DREAM (i.e. false selves of human beings). God knows that He Himself is all living as well as non-living objects of His DREAM and He Himself is doing everything in His DREAM. Whereas, we are neither conscious that we are dreaming nor we are conscious that we ourselves are the objects of our dreams and we are doing everything.

Second, God dreams and comes out of His DREAM (i.e. end of creation) at His will. Whereas, we have no control over our dreams. We cannot dream or get out of dream at our own will.

Third, God dreams once a while. Whereas, we dream almost daily.

Dr. J. Kumar, Delhi