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Spiritual truth is only one and hence the spiritual knowledge emanating from this truth remains the same irrespective of doctrines laid down in various religions or sects and teachings of saints, masters, God realized persons, Sadgurus and Avatars. This ultimate spiritual truth is “God is everything” or “God Alone exits” as said by Avatar Meher Baba. What we see besides God is nothing but illusion (maya). Since God is everything, obviously God is also the doer of everything. If the spiritual knowledge originating from this truth is to be summarized in a single sentence, it would be “world is like a film show of God’s dream”. In other words, it can be said that we are seeing the film show of the happenings in the dream of God on the screen of time. Now let us see how it is so.

Film show means:

  1. Everything is predetermined as it has already happened.
  2. Nothing can be changed.
  3. A particular scene or event can be seen only at the stipulated time, neither earlier nor later.
  4. The film is not reality. It is only a play of light and sound.

God’s dream means:

  1. All the objects of the God’s dream living as well non-living are God Himself.
  2. Since God is all the objects of His dream, obviously He is also the doer of everything in the dream.
  3. Ego (false self, i) of the man is nothing but illusion.

Dr. J Kumar Delhi