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As per Baba's teachings, all spiritual knowledge, journey on spiritual path, all doings, seven planes of involution, bondage and freedom etc. are all nothing, illusion like a dream as this universe itself is imaginary, nothing and illusion.

When we go to sleep we get into bondage (i.e. origin of false self (ego) and false identification with body and mind). And when we wake up, we get to know our Real self (vanishing of false self, ego i.e. God-realization).

Let us see what happens in the dream state. When we enter into dream we lose ourselves (our real identity) and a new identity is borne which we may call it (false self(ego). And throughout the dream this false self works. The strange thing is that we are not aware of this false self and its actions in the dream state. Moreover, we do not have any control over it and its actions.  Actions of false self and events in the dream are happening automatically and it appears that everything is predetermined in the dream. This is exactly what is happening in the world (our dream). Here what is happening and what is being done by our false selves are happening automatically as if everything is predetermined (just like in the dream). However, being unaware of the fact that we are in dream state we think that we are doing everything, which is wrong. The truth is that we are not doing anything and everything is predetermined. Being aware of this truth and practising this in life is called Sankhya Yoga , a highest kind of yoga by Lord Krishna in Bhagwatgeeta.

All our efforts for God-realization, Yogas, journey on spiritual path, seven planes etc, are happening in dream only.

So only worth doing thing in life (dream) is to always remember Baba and love Him more and more to wake up ourselves from our dream.


DR. j . Kumar