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(In the light of Avatar Meher Baba’s Discourses)

It includes the following five points:

  1. Accept it as Baba's Will. According to Meher Baba everything happens as per Baba’s will; even a leaf cannot quiver without His will. Baba said “When you feel happy, think that Baba wants me to be happy. When you suffer, think that Baba wants me to suffer. Be happy in whatever situation you find yourself in, because it is I who placed you there”.
  2. Surrender yourself to Baba. Don't brood over to find cause, how and why of worry or sufferings. This would only result in discontentment and further dissatisfaction because the root cause is our past karmas and sanskaras which we don’t know in our present life. We should have great patience to bear with the bad or unwanted situations and wait optimistically for the good time to come. Baba has said “Whatever happens does not happen without My will. I allow things to happen in their natural course. Be resigned to every situation and think that Baba has placed me in this situation”.
  3. Don't ask/pray Baba for any favour.Anything that happens in one’s life is according to destiny fixed for the individual which cannot be changed and one has to pass through it. So there is no need to ask for any favour from Baba. Baba said “If you take Me to be God, God is all knowing. What is then that makes you come to Me with your difficulties.
  4. Do your best to solve the problems but leave the result to Baba. We must try to do our best what we feel proper intellectually without expecting favorable results. We must remember Baba’s words “Uproot all doubts and remember well that whatever I do is for the best”
  5. Remember/pray Baba. One should remember/pray Baba wholeheartedly. Baba says think of Me more and more and all your worries will disappear into the nothing.”        

In non-spiritual or worldly way of managing worry, we do just opposite of above five points without knowing the facts that neither the onset of worry/problems nor it’s solution/remedy is in our hand/control. (Although we think we can). Secondly, we have to undergo/bear the worry/sufferings over a time period as destined. And thirdly all our efforts to reduce our worries/sufferings are of no use. It comes and goes as destined. Despite knowing these facts, the irony is that it is very difficult to follow the above mentioned spiritual ways of dealing worries/sufferings. Therefore, those who follow the above spiritual way of dealing worries/suffering are really great and spiritual person in real sense.

Dr. J. Kumar and B Kumar