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(Sankhya Yoga)

Baba has said that “the simplest and easiest Yoga for God-realization is Prem or Bhakti Yoga”. However, compared to it, the most difficult one is the Sankhya Yoga mentioned in Bhagawad Geeta by Lord Krishna and He Himself has mentioned that this is very difficult Yoga. Sankhya Yoga means the renunciation of the sense of doership (kartapan ka tyag). This indirectly means complete surrendence to God and denial of false self (i, ego) which is nothing, illusion like snake in a rope.

In Bhagavad Gita chapter 5 verse 14, Lord Krishna says “The God does not create man’s sense of doership (kartapan), their karmas nor the fruits of their karmas (karmafal). It is the nature and three gunas doing everything. Further in Bhagavad Gita chapter 5 verses 8-9, Lord Krishna says a Sankhyayogi while seeing, hearing, touching, smelling, eating, moving, dreaming, breathing, speaking, discarding, grasping, opening and closing of the eyelids feels that he is not doing anything but all this is the senses interacting with the sense objects. This means we are not doing anything and our sense of doership is wrong as the false self (i, ego) itself is nothing, illusion. When one leaves the sense of doership, one finds that the things are simply happening of their own accord through you using your body mind and intellect as medium and you are not the doer. You can simply watch/witness the happenings of things through your body, mind and intellect.

Meher Baba has also said at many places in His messages that “I am the Real doer, you do not do anything, even a leaf cannot quiver without My will”. Not only the things done by you but all the things in the universe are happening every moment automatically by the energy/power of some unknown force which we may call God. See how the plants are growing day by day and become a tree one day; the insects and birds are coming out of eggs, grow and become adult automatically. Are they doing of their own will or power? In the same way we are born, grow and die one day. The only difference compared to other living beings is that we have the false sense of doership created by our false self (i, ego) and we wrongly take the credit that we are doing everything.

Now, how to follow the Sankhya Yoga? Sankhya Yoga means renunciation of sense of doership (kartapan ka tyag). So just watch or witness the activities of your body, mind and intellect like watching the clouds coming and going in the sky or watching the vehicles moving on the road without having the sense of doership. In other words, be completely surrendered, dependent and resigned to the will of God which means having no desire and attachment to anything. This also means total acceptance of everybody and everything as God’s will. It is just like watching the film show of God (worldly events) on the screen of world without getting mentally involved and disturbed by the worldly happenings unlike the audience of a film show in a theatre. So we should see the world and worldly events like a film show where shooting is already over and everything is predetermined and one cannot change anything. Thus, we should neither desire anything nor be disturbed or worried by the worldly happenings.

Dr. J. Kumar