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(Only God exists- God is everything)

  1. Only God exists.
  2. Since only God exists, we are illusioned with our false selves (egos) and have no existence. Since we are illusioned our karmas, sanskaras, seven planes of evolution and involution, bondage and liberation are all nothing but illusion.
  3. Since only God exists, all else (universe, sun, stars, living and non-living beings and everything which we can see and perceive in the world are nothing but illusion.``
  4. Since God is the real Doer, everything is predetermined by God. All events are just happening like a film show on the screen of time scripted by God and the doer is God not we. We unnecessarily take the burden of doing, considering ourselves as if we are the doer which is false. This is the cause of our unwanted worries for the incidents happening around us beyond our control. We label the incidents as good or bad with our biased balance of self-interest, benefit and loss.
  5. Since God is everything and the doer of everything it is like we are puppets in the hands of God and God is making us to act or dance according to His wish and will and we don’t have any control on our thoughts words and deeds.
  6. Since God is everything and the doer of everything, the Law of Karma and formation of sanskarasdoes not stand. When we consider ourselves as the doer (karta), The Law of Karma comes into play and the moment we involve ourselves in thinking, speaking and acting, formation of sanskaras begins at gross, subtle and mental level.
  7. Since the sense of doer-ship (false i, or ego) itself is nothing but illusion (misconception). Law of Karma and sanskarasare also a nothing in illusion. However, these are governed by certain principles and laws and are part of illusion. The world which seems to be real but it is nothing but illusion. Earth moves around the sun, and moon moves around the earth, follows following law of gravitation. At gross level also, countries follow their laws of land considering the interest of pubic and judgements are also given in the interest of common man. God created this universe and itself is one of biggest illusion, hence all thoughts, imagination and anticipation of anything in the world are too immaterial in illusion and are nothing.
  8. If we keep the Ultimate Truth in mind, all our worries, problems will vanish itself. All undesirable worries, problems are the result of our misconception that we are doer. This misconception makes us to think that we are promising and can do something and bring results. It also makes us feel that we are different from each In reality we are all one. We exist in illusion because of our misconception about self. We can be compared like bubbles in the shoeless sea created by God, having imaginary or false egos. This false self (ego) or illusory existence is the hindrance to get rid of bondage (Maya) or to attain (God realisation). But in reality, bondage exits as long as we are disillusioned of our false existence.
  9. We are “disillusioned God” and we shall remain disillusioned God till we come into contact  of a Perfect Master or Avatar and attain God realisation by His grace only .

Based on messages of Avatar Meher Baba

Dr.Jitendra Kumar