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(Realization of the Ultimate Truth)

From the material point of view for achieving something, there has to be some object, which is to be achieved and one subject, who wants to achieve the object. But in spirituality object and subject is almost same with a slight difference. Here subject (aspirant or man) is ignorant of the fact that he (man) himself is the object (God).

Here aim of subject (aspirant or man) is to achieve the object (God-realization). The imaginary difference of identification of object (God) and subject (man) can be termed as duality. This duality gets removed when subject (man) becomes object (God) himself. In duality there are two Gods one is conscious God (Real Self / Paramatma) while other is unconscious God (false self / Atma) inside man.

The pertinent question is how to remove the duality?  Duality plays very important role in our life from spiritual point of view. We have our own separate identity and consciously feel separated from others and more even from lifeless articles. We can progress to some extent in differentiating duality and think of oneness between object (God) and subject (man) but cannot cross duality on our own. It is almost impossible just like jumping from one’s own shoulder or catching the blowing wind by hand.

We can only make intelligent, continuous and wholehearted efforts to seek help of the object Himself (Conscious God) through any of the four paths of our choice. Our object is (Conscious God) initially without form but it can be a Perfect Master or Avatar (Conscious Personified God) at any stage of our journey on spiritual path. To get rid of duality or realization of God, only a God-realized Master or personified Perfect Master or Avatar can render best help to the aspirant.

Scriptures prescribe four paths/yogas viz. Karma Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Dhyan Yoga and Gyan yoga to be practiced for attainment of God realization. The goal of all Yogas is the same to eliminate duality or forget our false self to achieve the Real Self. We have not to achieve anything but to lose our false self (subject) to realize our Real Self (object) which is already there.

Avatar Meher Baba has said that the easiest, safest and surest way to achieve God-realization is Prem Marg (love for God). Here one has to love God to the extent that one forgets oneself. Gist of Baba’s teaching is to remember Him constantly and wholeheartedly.

Dr.Jitendra Kumar

(Based on teachings of Avatar Meher Baba)