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Ultimate Truth: God is everything. This also:

Means < Only God exists             

Means < Everything in the world is illusion (Everything is nothing including false self)

Means < God is the Real Doer (We are like puppets in God’s hand)

Means < God determines everything (Nothing in our control)

Means < Freedom from worry (Nothing to worry)

Means < Happiness eternal (Enjoy happiness and suffering)

If we have understood any of synonyms definitions of Ultimate Truth as mentioned above, it may automatically result in following qualities,

  1. Desires and attachments will diminish.
  2. Ego (false self) will weaken.
  3. Vices viz. kam, krodh, mad, moh, lobh,etc. will minimise.
  4. Acceptance of unfavourable events or miseries will follow in our life.
  5. Complaint toward any harm by anyone will stop.
  6. Hatred towards anyone will reduce.
  7. Backbiting and criticism will lessen.
  8. Faith and longing for God will increase.
  9. Love and service to our fellow being will enhance.
  10. Surrenderance and resignment to God's'will shall progress.
  11. Repeating Baba’s universal and Repentance Prayer will gain more importance
  12. Hypocrisy will get noticed before it’s expression.

'For spiritual progress, Scriptures and Masters have always been preaching to follow one spiritual path, one master and perform good act only. It is because any unidirectional approach is more concentrated and better than multi-directional. Another illustration goes like this. If there are ten puppies and one catches mother of the puppies and tries to take away, then all puppies will follow their mother and one need not carry all the puppies. In the same way, if one develops faith in the ‘Ultimate Truth’ all the above twelve qualities will automatically start manifesting in one’s life.

One cannot serve two Masters and surly fail to one Master hence it becomes compulsory to follow one Master only. Masters always advise to think, speak and act good because we are burdened with bad sanskaras from past stone stage to primitive man’s life which has to be balanced by good acts in our present and future lives. Once the good and bad sanskaras are quantitatively and qualitatively get balanced, one gets instant Go-realisation but it is not possible without help of a God-realised Master.

Teaching of scriptures and Masters bear following logic.

  1. Reduce your ego (It is false, nothing or illusion)
  2. Avoid lust (It binds you to the gross body)
  3. Desire less and less (It results in miseries if unfulfilled)
  4. Avoid hatred, backbiting (It results in deep sanskaras)
  5. Love and service everybody (It leads to progress on the path of spirituality)
  6. Accept everything as God’s will (It results in worry less and happy life)

Dr. J. Kumar & B. Kumar

NB: Based on Avatar Meher Baba’s teachings