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Broadly speaking there are two types of self viz. Real Self (denoted as capital ‘I’) and false self (denoted as small ‘i’).

The Real Self is the Self of God-realized souls who identify themselves with the whole universe as one universal body and one universal mind.

The false self, as the name indicates is not real but only an illusion like appearance of snake in the rope in darkness. It is also called ‘ego’ and originates in an individual because of the false identification with its finite body and mind. This is present in human beings who are not God-realized.

Now the false self is again of two types viz. active false self (denoted as ‘i-a’) and non-active false self (denoted as ‘i-na’).  In case of ‘active false self’ the false self is active and so it has ego and considers itself as the doer of everything like talking, walking, eating, doing office or home work etc. Whereas, in case of non-active false self as the name indicates the false self is not active, not functional or you can say it is in dormant stage. Since the false self is non-active, there is no sense of doer-ship and ego. Here one considers oneself as non-doer and only witnesses the actions and things happening through one’s body and mind and things happening around him. This is called Sankhya Yoga mentioned in Sri-mad-Bhagwad Geeta.

So there are three types of self:

  1. Real Self (I) – In God-realized souls.
  2. Active false self (i-a) – In non god-realized souls where false self is active leading to presence of ego and sense of doer-ship.
  3. Non-active false self (i-na)- In non god-realized souls where false self is not active leading to absence of ego and sense of doer-ship. The practitioners of Sankhya yoga have this type of false self.

Sankhya Yoga is comparable to following Baba’s wish which is:

  1. Attend faithfully to your worldly duties, but keep always at the back of your mind that all this is Baba's.
  2. When you feel happy, think: "Baba wants me to be happy." When you suffer, think: "Baba wants me to suffer."
  3. Be resigned to every situation and think honestly and sincerely: "Baba has placed me in this situation."
  4. With the understanding that Baba is in everyone, try to help and serve others.

All of above approaches as said by Baba is bound to remove the sense of doer-ship which is the principle of Sankhya Yoga. Any single approach can render one to get rid of doer-ship, annihilate ego mind and attain the state of God-realization.

N. B. Above rendering is based on scriptures.

Dr. J. Kumar  (Delhi)