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Only existence is of God. He is everything and everywhere. In this universe nothing exists except Him. The appearance of our existence is like the appearance of false snake in the rope in darkness. Just like the appearance of snake is nothing, illusion, the appearance of our individuality is also nothing, illusion. The real existence is of only of God (the rope). Just like the illusory/false snake cannot do anything nor can harm anybody, we also being nothing, illusion cannot do anything. So the real existence is of only God and so, obviously He is the doer of everything in this universe. He is our Real Self (Godhood) as well as our false self (egos). Thus, we do not exist at all.

This can be understood by another example. When we sleep and go into dream, our existence is lost in the dream. We are there in the dream but with a different identity, sometimes rich sometimes poor and so many things which are not in our control. The happenings in the dream also are not in our control and it appears that everything is happening automatically like a film show and everything is predetermined. When we wake up then only we realize that we were dreaming and the dream was nothing, illusion and the I in the dream was not me but it was false I which was nothing, illusion.

This world is also like a dream, where our identity is of false self (i) which is nothing, illusion. Our Real self is Godhood who is dreaming in the dream of the world by becoming our false selves (i’s) in us and doing everything in the dream of the world. Thus God Himself is both Real Self as well as our false selves (i’s) and so only He exists and we have no existence but have a false appearance like the appearance of false snake (false self, ego) in the rope (Real self, God).

When God creates imaginary/illusory universe, He becomes everything of it including all persons and their individual false selves (ego, identity). These false selves are nothing, illusion like a snake in the rope in darkness. But we do not know that we are nothing, illusion. God knows that He Himself has become all the illusory false selves in each human beings and He is simultaneously aware of both, His Godhood (Real Self) as well as false selves within each of us. And He Himself is doing everything though us using our bodies and minds. However, due to our false/illusory identification with our false selves and our bodies and minds, we wrongly think that we are the doer of our actions.

During the process of evolution probably at some stage of animal incarnation alongwith mind, false self (ego) also originates and during the course of evolution it becomes fully developed in human form. Now from here during the process of involution (spiritual advancement), journey of false self goes in reverse direction until it vanishes in the seventh plane after God-realisation.

The snake in rope appears only in darkness and when the light comes, it disappears automatically. In the same manner, the false self(ego) appears only in ignorance during the process of evolution of mankind and it disappears during involution at the seventh stage, when the light of God-realisation dawns.


Dr. J. Kumar