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Most disturbing in one’s life are worries and miseries, which is inevitable and one cannot avoid it. Moreover, it repeats time and again in one’s life. So sooner one learns to manage it, better it is. No one would like to go through worries but had to face it as and when it appears throughout one’s life. Now the question is how to manage it.

There are two ways of managing it, one is worldly second spiritual.

Worldly approach (Non-believers)

  1. Instead of brooding over misfortune, analyze the cause of problem or worry.
  2. Think of its solution or take advice from your seniors and well-wishers.
  3. Act intelligently anticipating good results.
  4. Be optimistic but not over ambitious to achieve best of your actions all the time.

Spiritual approach (Believers)

If you have faith in God and spiritual bent of mind, it can help you a lot to alleviate your worry and miseries by contemplating on following.

  1. Consider every incident good or bad as will of God will.
  2. Every event is the result of your past actions which is your fate and for which you are wholly responsible. This worry or suffering is meant for exhausting undesirable sanskaras and for the benefit of yourself.
  3. Every event is according to your destiny (Will of God) which superimposes over your fate (worries as result of past actions)and falls within your destiny.
  4. Make your best and intelligent efforts to solve the problem without thought of good or bad outcome since results are not in your control and it is always according to your destiny as willed by God. This is Karma yoga.
  5. For Baba lovers, the following messages can be taken as directive or instructions from Meher Baba. It can relieve one from worries if followed in real sense.

“When you feel happy, think that Baba wants me to be happy. When you suffer think Baba wants me to suffer”. “Be happy in whatever situation you find yourself in, because it is I who have placed you there”. “Uproot all doubts and remember well that whatever I do is for the best”. “Think of me more and more and all your worries will disappear into the nothing”. “The moment the intensity of your faith in My will reaches its height, you say goodbye to worry forever. “Don’t worry be happy”.-Meher Baba

Dr. J Kumar