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I worship Ramchandra, who gives prosperity to his devotees, who is fit to be worshipped, who     has a smiling face, who is the slayer of the supreme egoistic demons, including the ten headed Ravana; who is demolisher of worldly existence ( the mundane life), and who is an ornament th the Solar Dynasty.

I worship God Krishna, the son of Vasudeva, who was delight of (his mother) Devaki, who had come down to this earth when he was beseeched by the God Brahma, for the destruction of the armies of the circle of kings who had become a burden to the earth; who was joy to the city of cowherds, and who played (when a child) in the house of Nanda.

I worship the Lord in his incarnation of Buddha, whose life was mysterious, who proclaimed a religion whose most important element is non-injury, who was proficient in censuring the Vedic scriptures which ordained sacrifices 9in which beasts were killed as oblations to God) , who was the son of Jina, and who manifested himself in the dynasty of Keekata.

I always in my heart contemplate on Thee, O Supreme Brahman, Thou who art birthless, deathless, of the triple form of existence, spirit and joy, who art beyond thought and speech, who art approachable by the meditation of Sages, who prevadest the whole universe, who art without blemish and without attributes.

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Lord make me an instrument of your Peace!

Where there is hatred, let me sow love;

Where there is injury, pardon;

Where there is discard, union;

Where there is doubt, faith;

Where there is despair, hope;

Where there is darkness, light, and

Where there is sadness, joy.


O divine Master, grant that I may not so much seek to be consoled as to console; to be understood, as to understand; to be loved as to love, for it is in giving that we receive; it is in pardoning that we are pardoned, and it is in dying that we are born for eternal life.

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Universal Prayer (Master’s Prayer)
Given by Meher Baba on 13 September 1953

O Parvardigar — the Preserver and Protector of all!

You are without Beginning, and without End, Non-dual, beyond comparison, and none can measure You.

You are without colour, without expression, without form, and without attributes.

You are unlimited and unfathomable, beyond imagination and conception, eternal and imperishable.

You are indivisible; and none can see You, but with Eyes Divine.

You always were, You always are, and You always will be;

You are everywhere, You are everything; and You are also beyond everywhere and beyond everything.

You are in the firmament and in the depths; You are manifest and unmanifest, on all planes and beyond all planes.

You are in the three worlds, and also beyond the three worlds;

You are imperceptible and independent.

You are the Creator, the Lord of lords, the knower of all minds and hearts;

You are omnipotent and omnipresent.

You are Knowledge Infinite, Power Infinite, and Bliss Infinite.

You are the Ocean of Knowledge, all-knowing, infinitely knowing, the Knower of the past, the present, and the future, and You are the present, and the future, and You are Knowledge Itself.

You are all-merciful and eternally benevolent;

You are the Soul of souls, the One with infinite attributes.

You are the Trinity of Truth, knowledge, and Bliss,

You are the Source of Truth, the Ocean of Love;

You are the Ancient One, the Highest of the High;

You are Prabhu and Parameshwar; You are the Beyond-God, and the Beyond-Beyond God,

You are Parabrahma, Allah, Elahi, Yezdan, Ahuramazda, and God the Beloved.

You are named Ezad — the only One worthy of worship.

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  On 2-4-1983, at Poona gathering Beloved Baba Said "If you repeat this prayer with love, no other prayer remains to be said."                       Anyone can repeat these names with love, irrespective of the religion he belongs to."
1 Worthy of worship
2 All-Powerful
3 All-Knowing
4 Lord of All
5 Without Beginning
6 Without End
7 Root of Creation
8 Endless Bliss
9 Primal Cause
10 Exalted One
11 Purest of Pure
12 Detached from All
13 In touch with All
14 Unattainable
15 Attainer of All
16 Most Righteous
17 Upholder of All
18 Beyond Reason
19 sovereign Reason
20 Bountiful One
21 Ever Prolific
22 Reaching  Equally to All
23 Nourished
24 Protector of the World
25 Never Changing
26 Formless
27 Most Steadfast among the Steadfast
28 Lord Invisible
29 All Pervading
30 All in All
31 Worthy of Our Profound Thanks
32 All-Embracing Goodness.
33 All-Embracing Holy Light
34 Remover of Affliction
35 Beyond Affliction
36 Immortal
37 Fulfiller of Holy  Desire
38 Creator of Holy Attributes
39 Compassionate Judge
40 Merciful Giver
41 Bountiful Giver
42 Uncomparable
43 Freest of Free
44 Deliverer from Evil
45 Never Deceiving
46 Never Deceived
47 One Without a Second
48 Lord of Desire
49 Decrier of Sovereign Desire
50 Soul Supreme
51 Never Forgetting
52 Just Accountant
53 Knowing All Things
54 Fearless
55 Devoid of Pain
56 Most Exalted One
57 Ever the Same
58 Invisible Creator of the Universe.
59 Creator of Profoundly Spiritual
60 Hidden without Spirit
61 Transmitter of Fire into Air
62 Transmitter of Fire into Dew
63 Transmitter of Air into Fire
64 Transmitter of Air into Dew
65 Transmitter of Air into Earth
66 Supreme Transmitter of Air into Dust
67 Supreme Transmitter of Fire into Divine Spark
68 Spreading Air Everywhere
69 Creator of Life-giving Water
70 Transmitter of Dust into Fire
71 Transmitter of Dust into Air
72 Transmitter of Dust into Water
73 Master Craftsman
74 Rewarder of Sincere Desires
75 Creator of All Humanity and its Actions
76 Creator of All Humanity and Animal Life
77 Creator of All the Four Elements
78 Creator of All the Planet and All other Worlds
79 Never in Doubt
80 Ageless
81 Eternally Awake
82 Ever Alert
83 Ever Protecting
84 Recorder of Man's Actions
85 Victorious
86 Lord of the Universe
87 Lord of Life and Wisdom
88 Preserver of Creation
89 Renewer of Creation
90 Embracing All Creation
91 Giver of All Things
92 Infinitely Patient
93 Lord of Existence
94 Forgiver of Sins
95 Divine Creator
96 Rayed in Glory
97 Haloed in Light
98 Lord of Justice
99 Lord of Just Reward
100 Liberator
101 Awakener of Eternal Spring


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(For this prayer Meher Baba Called for a cloth to be spread on the ground in front of His painting and a red scarf with which He covered His head. Ali Akbar Shapurzaman (Aloba) and Meher Baba stood on the cloth to the direction of Mecca. Aloba then began to chant prayer, which consisted to the prelude to the Quoran and first verse of Quoran.

PRELUDE: “God is Great! God is Great! God is Great! I bear the witness that there is no one greater than God. This is the word of Prophet. I bear witness and say that Mohammad is the chosen of God. I bear witness and say that Mohammad is the chosen of God. Come for prayer. Come for prayer. Come towards success. God is the greatest of all! God is greatest of all! God is greatest of all!   There is none who is to be worshipped but God. There is none who is to be worshipped but God. There is none who is to be worshipped but God.”

PRAYER: I begin in the name of God, who is King and merciful. All praise be to God, who is the preserver of the whole world; who is kind and merciful. He is the Master of the Day of Resurrection/ O God! We pray to You and we seek only your help. Show us the path of righteousness. Show me the path which will bestow on me Thy mercy, and not clarity, by which I may reach my goal, and not fall in a pit.

“O Prophet Mohammad! Tell the infidels that I do not pray to whom they pray, and they do not pray to the One to whom I pray. I nether pray to the One to whom you pray, nor do you pray to the One to whom I pray. Your religion is with you, mine is with me. Holy is my God, who is also Mighty. God has heard the one who has praised Him. O my God!  All praise should be attributed to You. My God is high and holy. All thoughts, words and deeds are for God. My obeisance to You, Prophet Mohammad, on whom is bestowed the grace of God. May that grace descend also on me, and on His believers. I bear that there is none greater than God, and that Mohammad is the Prophet of God.

(All during this prayer, Baba’s fingers were moving and at times Aloba raised his arms, bowed, kneeled and prostrated himself)

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(Translated from Gujrati)

(In this prayer Kaikobad Dastur joined Meher Baba. It is translated from Gujrati language)

“I begin my prayer by invoking the Name of Yazd:

O Lord of Creation, Ahuramazda!

Thou art the source of all Light.

Thou art All Effulgence and All-Knowing, art the Lord Of Lords, the King of Kings, the Creator of all creation, the Preserver and Sustainer!

“O Omnipotent, O the Ancient One and Eternal! Thou art the Giver of all boons and Thou art All-Mercy and All-Wisdom, and the Source of All Purity!

“O the Lord of Creation, Ahuramazda! I invoke Thy Name and ask for Thy Blessings. Let Thy Will be done and Thy Justice be administered, O God Ahuramazda!”


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(composed by Hank Mindlin, USA)


How one can fathom Your fathomless being?

How can we know You we see with gross eyes?

A glimpse of Your shadow has blinded our seeing.

How can Your glory ever be realised?



Consumed is my mind in Your fire and flame.

Accept it, O meher, in oneness.

Consumed is my heart in the sound of Your name.

Accept, O Meher, my arti.  Accept, O Meher, my arti.  


The thoughts cannot reach You and words cannot speak You,

Infinite Ocean of unending bliss.

Though we beseech You, How can we seek you?

How can the finite know limitlessness?


Repeat chorus

At your command suns and stars give their light;

What in the worlds can I offer as mine?

even my gift of love would be naught in Your sight,

But veiled reflection of Your love divine.


Repeat chorus

You are the Ancient One, Lord of creation.

How can we measure Your true majesty?

You are the Christ, the Divine Incarnation.

Dear Lord, please don’t be indifferent to me.


Repeat chorus

You are beginning and end of all things,

It’s you alone Who assumes every role.

Sinners and saints, beggars and kings,

You are the Source and You are the Goal.


Repeat chorus

How one can fathom Your fathomless being?

How can we know You we see with gross eyes?

A glimpse of Your shadow has blinded our seeing.

How can Your glory ever be realised?


Repeat chorus





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(Composed by Francis Brabazon. Australia)


O Glorious Eternal Ancient One

Your face is bright, transcendental sun

Lighten this dark world and the tears I weep;

My heart, Meher, I give to You to keep.


Creator, yet creation-less You are

Truth and truth’s body, Divine Avatar

Who, through compassion, the three worlds maintains

Destroy this ignorance that life sustains.


These five lights are the whirling spokes of breath

Of the world-wheel that bears me on to death

Unless, You, who are infinitely kind

Break the wheel’s hub which is conditioned mind.


The incense is my love, these fruits my art

Which to please You I have shaped from my heart;

Accept them as You would a simple flower

That has no use beyond its shining hour.


You are my Self. I sing to You in praise

And beg Your love to bear me through the days

Till You, the Everything Perfect One,

Illume my darkness with Your shining sun


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Jajaan Kalpaana shabda na pahoonchay, aise aparmpar

Neti, neti veda pookaaray, Mahima tori apaar.

Divya sanaatana, Parama dayaadana,

Divya sanaatana, Parama dayaadana,

Hay jahat oodhaaro

Meher, mana arati swweekaro.

Meher, mana arati swweekaro.


Dhoop- deepa, chandan charchaanaa

Bhog lagaana, phool chadhaanaa

Toomhara hi toom ko lowtaana

Kahay badhaaee karoo

Meher, mana arati swweekaro.

Meher, mana arati swweekaro.


Sakala nidhi kay toom karana ho

Sakala vishva taaranharray ho;

Toomsa aur nahee, toomahee ho

hay sat avataro!

Meher, mana arati swweekaro.

Meher, mana arati swweekaro.


Sakala charaachar toomharee maayaa

Maayaa bhi toomharee chhaya

Toomhara ant na koi paayaa

Toom ho anant kharo

Meher, mana arati swweekaro.

Meher, mana arati swweekaro.


Apnay ko jab jo nahee jaanay

Mahimaa toomharee kyaa pahechhaane?

Jo kooch bhi kahatay anjaanay

Goon gaatay  toomharo.

Meher, mana arati swweekaro.

Meher, mana arati swweekaro.


Seema naahee toomharee kroopa ko

kyaa koi day saktaa prabhoo toomko?

Bheekh toomhee dow premee janoko;

Nitya toomhay soomaro.

Meher, mana arati swweekaro.

Meher, mana arati swweekaro.



Divya sanaatana, Parama dayaadana,

Divya sanaatana, Parama dayaadana,

hay jahat oodhaaro

Meher, mana arati swweekaro.

Meher, mana arati swweekaro.


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By Avatar Meher Baba

Boojaaway nar jailatani ay kar. Kudratnay farmaa too.

Chhay laggi aash bhaktonay kay. bakshay nooray eemaa too.

Ayaa Moorshad Meher Baba charanpar. tujnaa dhariay sar

Khoodaanaa zaatathi waakef thaee. betho Meherbaa too.

Too chhay maalik hakikatno too. aashek bhi nay aaref bhi.

To chhay dariyaa-ay wahedat. maarayfatno hoee toofaa too.

Hamo  raharav nay aiy  Saalek Bakhash jay gnyaan Ezadnoo.

Kay too Paramatma gnyaani chhay nay mookhtaaray irfaa too.

Khudaanaa premno pyaalo pilaavi mast hamnay kar,

Chhay tujpar jaan sadkay saakiyaa aapi day payamaa too

Hammaari naav bhar dariay taraaway to hamay tariay.

Hammaaraa naakhugaa aiy Meher Baba chhay nighebaan too.

Hammaaraa naakhugaa aiy Meher Baba chhay nighebaan too.