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  1. The more you become a student the more are your chances of becoming a teacher
  2. When a good thought come do act upon and when a bad thought comes do not act upon
  3. Greatness lies in not overlooking small things
  4. It is good to use discretion in all things, before coming to any decision, give more impotence to heart than head. The judgment of heart should be began preference.
  5. Pride & anger, greed & lust are all different from need. You may think I need all that, but this is mistake. If you are thirsty in a desert, what you need a good water not lemonade
  6. Anger is a whirlwind which blows out the lamp of mind
  7. Give without a thought of return & serve without thought of reward
  8. If understood life is a jest.

If understood life is a pest

Once overcome life is at ever rest.

For pilgrims of the path life is a test

When relinquished through love life is at its best.

  1. Desire nothing except desire less-ness. Hope for nothing except to rise above all hopes. Want nothing & you will have everything.
  2. Your own religion if put into practice, is sufficient to bring salvation to you. It a mistake to change one’s own religion for that of another, the surrounding and circumstances in which you find yourself best suited to work out your destiny or to exhaust your past sanskaras.
  3. You surrender your head to barber; when you want to get your hair cut till the work is done, similarly you must surrender yourself to a Sadguru if you want God realization.
  4. Love can attain what intellect can fathom.
  5. What is most difficult thing is to be perfect human being
  6. God cannot be explained. He can not be argued about, He can not be theorized nor can be discussed and understood.
  7. The more you discuss, God the less you understand. So love God & become God.
  8. Do not try to understand God through intellect. If you try to understand, either you mis to understand or misunderstand Him.
  9. God needs not to be confused with intellectual conviction regarding god & creation. Just as head is not to be confused with hair nor the things with its shadow.
  10. How can one attain Godhood, You can earn livelihood with the sweat of your brow and you can earn Godhood with the blood of your heart.
  11. Give up the world

Give up the other word

Give up the desire of self realization

And give up the sense of giving up.

  1. There are few among the purely intellectual, who can establish a life of obedience to a perfect master, and still fewer still who can maintain it.
  2. Where imagination ends god is & godhood begins
  3. Beware of anger. The anger of Sadguru is beneficial to those connected with Him and to others but the anger of an ordinary man is harmful. If someone speaks angrily with you be humble with him. If the humility does not affect him then you should touch his feet.
  4. One should either be crow or swan, but not a henon, witch is white on the outside but black on the inside. Also always be at distance from the riches and woman of others.
  5. Three actions are bad. Lust, Anger & Greed. Anger is the worst. (LM-p-2798)
  6. It is not only desire, but a keen inner longing that in time brings one into contact with a true saint or the master. (LM –p-2780)
  7. By powdering charcoal its colour does not changes, in the same way whether a man is good or bad his nature never changes (LM-p-767)
  8. Stick to the truth at all cost, even if it means giving political life.

Do not try force nonviolence on unwilling adherents, nor even try to establish it, since it is already eternally establishes (LM-p-2739) Message to Gandhi on 6th Dec, 1941.

  1. Do not meditate mechanically. Meditate in form of a prayer and get so much drowned in it that you loose every thing. An Arab has always worn a golden ring. He was great lover of God and when he prayed he forgot every thing. Once he was praying, a thief cut his finger and stole the ring but the Arab was so engrossed in prayer that he did not feel the slightest pain. That is called prayer.
  2. Just as there are seven planes of consciousness –seven spiritual states, so also are seven states of understanding. These seven states of under- standings are
  3. Instinct: animal world
  4. intellect: human some true sometimes not
  5. inspiration : those humans whose feelings are developed
  6. Intuition: advanced souls always true
  7. Insight :4 th & 5 th planes
  8. Illumination: Seeing God as He is
  9. Realization: understanding God as Himself.
  10. Dog only sees the things as that ordinary human being can not.The Dogs company purifies thought and atmosphere. That is why; Zoroastrians have custom of bringing a dog to see the corpse when some is dead before disposal of the body .Dog purified cascaras,
  11. God mad: zero plane
  • Majoob: 5th & 6th Plane
  • Masts: 3th , 4th & 5th plane
  1. Fire is symbolic of love, and word represents the lower self which is necessarily meant to be burnt in that fire.
  2. Baba questioned “where is God” to Mandali

Jahagir Wankadia said everywhere.

Vishunu said in the soul

Nilu said it is the heart

One expressed inability it is eternal question

Finally Donkin said in Baba, Baba is God (in Byramangala, 28th Aug,   1939, L M-p-2447)

  1. There is no pleasure in the uncertainties of life as I know everything. The only pleasure for me is to lighten the burden of my appointed duties. (Baba said when Dhuni was lit on 12thJan in Meherabad in memory of death of Upasani Maharaj)
  2. When a perfect master gives charity to poor and needy people, the recipient serves as mid-win for spiritual benefit that accrues to the world including recipient themselves.
  3. Baba classified masts in 8 categories

Jalali– hot tempered

Jamali –mild tempered

Mahboobi –wears article of feminine attire

Ittefaki –intoxicated with love or God accidentally

Madarjad – born mast

37.Babajan gave me –Divine Bliss

Sai Baba gave me –Divine Power

Maharaj gave me –divine knowledge

  1. You live in water not knowing what water is
  2. “God is equal to Meher Baba said Bundle shah a mast in Poona in 1943
  3. “The avatar sanctifies the water in any river when His feet are in it.” Baba remarked when he visited Sahastrdhara, a part of Narbada river near Mandals- Jabalpur where people go for pilgrimage while dangling his feet in the water)( 28th Dec, 1938 LM-p-2353)
  4. “All samsara of my circle members will be wiped of as that day. All will be free of sanskaras” (Baba explained to pleader on 8th Oct 1938 - LM-p-2329)
  5. There are always 56 God realized souls. Now out of these 56 five are sent to the world. But in every Avataric period, these five become one thus demonstrating the circle when avatar appears in form. Therefore Avatar exists in the heart of these five as one. These five are God realized like the Avatar. All are one, but in Avataric period the Avatar is equal to five Sadgurus. Thus five Sadgurus make one Avatar –that is long and short of it. Therefore if a Sadguru were to show their hearts you would find me in them. Five are always alive. Babajan left her body, the one in her place need not necessarily be in Poona but there must be five in the world. (Published in Meher Baba Journal -1933 titled “I am the Avatar” written by Meher Baba L M-p-2324)

43-Stick to the truth at all cost , even if it means giving up your whole life , Do not try to force    non violence on unwilling adherents , nor even try to establish it, since it is already eternally established ( message to Gandhi by Meher Baba , 5th Dec , 1942 L M-p-2739)

  1. Only Sadguru can alter, divert, or destroy this course that is he can change the course of person’s destiny. This automatically occurs once a person comes in contact with such as Master. Unless all the experiences are wiped out totally. There is no chance realization for the disciple and only Master can do it. (L M-p-1203)
  2. Fundamental truth of all religion is really the same , because all issue from the source of God but the Avatar consider the time, circumstances and prevailing mentality of the people before the public manifestation He therefore preaches doctrines best understood and best suited to such condition.( part explanation by Baba to Paul Brunton free lance journalist from London in interview about His Mission-L M-p-1347)
  3. Three types faith

Intellectual faith

Faith by sight

Faith by experience

(Said by Baba to C B Purdom in England)

  1. To be in Satsang means to obey the Guru’s order.
  2. Mantra is very beneficial to neophyte on spiritual path particularly so when it is given by Guru. The first & immediate result accruing from the oft repetition or the word or words is the concentration of mind on the subject to be gained. Secondly, the sound vibrations as a result of continuous repetitions induces, in course of time a harmonious sympathy to the sounds of vibrations of higher planes endangering a blissful feeling–a factor greatly encouraging to beginner.
  3. Life of spirit cannot be a life of uncritical imitation; it must have its basis in the understanding of values.
  4. The esoteric fact which I want you to remember is that Beloved (God) is more keen and eager to realise the lover (Man) than the latter’s anxiety and longing for such a union.
  5. My mission in life is to kindle the divine spark of love in all. Love is the secret to remain a secret save for one who receives it and keeps it.
  6. Accept it as a spiritual fact that every living spiritual master charged with duty effect the surroundings according to the scope of his work. As the master so the atmosphere.
  7. Saints are as nerves in my body.
  8. when one remains fully & completely resigned to the Divine will of God, all service , solitude, seeking & surrenderance merely symbolizes one’s love for God.
  9. True upwas is not starving of stomach but fasting of mind. (p112, 156 of sound of silence)
  1. It is not your love for me that matters; it is my love for you that counts. One who does not seek my blessing and desires nothing from me but to be able to obey me and serve me is my true
  2. Most persons suffer because of their karma. A few suffer for others. Masters suffer for the whole universe."58. "God is not to be learned or studied or discussed or argued about. He is to be contemplated, felt, loved and lived.