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There is an Ocean of infinitude in God. In this Ocean there are waves which produce the creation of drops. The drops in the waves, which were created in the beginning with the whim in the infinite Ocean, do not pass through the seven stages of evolution as others do, but immediately assume the form of angels instead. These angels are in the same state for cycles and cycles – for eons and eons. They have subtle forms and are in the second heaven in the third subtle plane. They unconsciously thirst for a human form, even though they are in the highest state of happiness. But this bliss is of no use to them without full consciousness.

It rarely happens, but after millions and millions of years one angel is born as a human being in order to realize its Real Self. Why? In order to gain consciousness this up to now it lacked, though it has passed numerous years in the subtle world as an angel. After an angel is born as a human being, it does not have to pass through human reincarnation, but becomes realized in that very first human birth. These angels are not born on the gross plane together, but one at a time.  Therefore, from a spiritual point of view, man is far superior to angels because the angels, in spite of enjoying millions of years of bliss in heaven, have to take human form before attaining liberation.

(Lord Meher, Bhau Kalchuri, Vol. 4, p. 1325).

Angles and fairies

There are 558 pilgrims on the third plane as saliks, and even more as masts, between third and fourth planes. Angles are the god’s mythology. Indra controls the angles and assigns duties to them for maintaining the balance of nature in creation. Angels are devas who have only subtle form and no gross body. A third plane pilgrim can see these angles.

Angles are the drop bubble who remained suspended stationary in the subtle world during the first six stages of movement in the Ocean of Nothing and never reached the seventh stage, the gross world.

When the first drop-bubbles first entered creation through mental plane (unconsciously) some became archangels (that exist in the sixth plane). Those who became angels continued to pass through the mental plane but attained consciousness when they entered the third plane’s second section or the first section of Makan-e-Hoori (and became fairies). Though completely happy and enjoying bliss to the fullest, angels and archangels still aspire to attain human form because only in human form can a soul become God-realized. God realization is the divine goal of all life. After one lac and four thousand years, an angel gets the opportunity of being born in human form. After only one birth and life-time as a human being that archangel or angel receives liberation from all births and deaths, Mukti, the state of infinite Bliss realized. These angels are not born on gross plane together, but one at a time.

(1) For a further description of angels and archangels, read The Nothing and the Everything, pages 77–81. Whereas angels exist in the subtle world (second heaven of the third plane), archangels exist in the m