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The average person is not familiar with masts or their spiritual condition of God-intoxication. The following description by Meher Baba elucidates what constitutes the mind of a mast:

Masts are intoxicated with God; they are intoxicated by divine love. When a normal person is intoxicated by alcohol or drugs he enjoys this sensation so long as the intoxicant is in sufficient concentration in his physical tissues: a drunkard feels happy, cares not for anyone or anything, and has one dominant sensation of drunkenness, in which the past, present or future has practically no meaning. But as soon as the ordinary intoxication passes away, the drunkard suffers the reverse –the hangover. Stimulated physical intoxication is inescapably temporary, because it is limited by the very stimulant itself, the conditions of the environment, and the cost of the stimulant and the resilience of one's condition.

Now a person who is God-intoxicated experiences the same sensation that a drunkard enjoys, and cares for no one and nothing, in proportion to the extent of his inner intoxication; the vast difference is the mast's intoxication is continual, that it may increase but can never decrease, and that it has no harmful physical or mental reaction. It is an inner state of permanent and unalloyed intoxication, independent of anything external.

The principal sensation of a mast is this permanent enjoyment of divine intoxication. The creation is full of bliss and the mast enjoys this bliss and thereby becomes intoxicated to an almost unlimited extent, virtually consuming him and absorbing him and thereby making the world around him vanish.  Absorbed in God, such a person is continually absorbed in thinking about God, and with that comes like a bolt of pure love consuming him further in a state of divine intoxication. Masts are not insane or mad in the ordinary sense. Masts are desperately in love with God, or consumed by their love for God.

Masts do not suffer from what may be called a disease. They are in a state of mental disorder because their minds are overcome by such intense spiritual energies that are far too much for them - forcing them to lose contact with the world, shed normal human habits and customs and civilized society. They are overcome by an agonising love for God, and are drowned in their ecstasy. Only a state of spiritual splendour but physical squalor.

Difference between mast and mad

Those who are sincerely and wholeheartedly devoted to Truth as it comes to them; they are divinely mad in search of eternal values. They have decided to take stakes in their desire to realize God. Such persons are not mad in the ordinary sense; they are desperately in love with God, and are known as Masts. Masts are totally different from ordinary mad persons. Although to the casual observer they might seem to be like each other, they are utterly dissimilar in their intrinsic nature and significance. Though both are far from perfection, and need correctives or healing, there is a vast difference in the nature of their inner mental states, and in the spiritual value of the results that are achieved by the application of correctives.

Masts are physically dirty and have eccentric habits of behaviour

The God-mad, the God-intoxicated and God-merged all invariably have dirty bodies, live in dirty surrounding and may have dirty physical habits.

God-mad has a pure and clean mind. He has lost the balance of his mind and sanity through continually thinking about God.

All masts are God-intoxicated by Divine Love and care for no one and nothing in promotion to the extent of their intoxication. A mast may be on any plane. He has a mind but no thoughts as his mind is simply enjoying the intoxicated state of Divine Love.

When mind does not pay attention to the body, naturally and automatically, survives and look after itself. The mast does not purposely choose an unclean place, but tends to gravitate toward it, for he is himself quite different either to cleanliness or to the dirt on the physical plane. This dirtiness does not affect his health, because the mind is not attached to the body.

For these souls, good or bad, cleanliness or dirt, a place or a hut, a spotless avenue or a filthy gutter are all the same and they are driven into any of these according to circumstances. It is natural for a mast to have dirty body and it is natural to be driven to dirty surroundings. Greed, anger, avarice and lust do not exist for them since their minds are always turned toward God. Their bodily actions are not either indifferently controlled or are controlled by God.

Whatever they do, whether it be called good or bad from worldly standards, has no selfish motive or personal deliberation. So, if these persons laugh or cry, seem happy or morose, caress others or beat them-they are not conscious of what they do or how they behave. Nevertheless their doing acts in anger helps those on whom the unconscious anger is spent, because their selfless anger destroys the anger sanskaras of the recipient.