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August 1922 at Manzil -e- Meem

Due to his meagre diet and prolonged fasting while staying in the Manzil, Meher Baba was very thin. Although frail in appearance, he claimed to have the physical strength of a "lion," and one day he demonstrated his strength to Adi. He told Adi to wrestle with him with all his might. Taken aback, Adi did not know quite what to do, but began lightly grappling with Baba, who said, "No! As hard as you can!"Baba looked so frail that Adi did not wish to hurt him, but he had to obey and exerted his full strength against Baba. He was, therefore, greatly startled when Baba, without much effort, picked him up and threw him on the floor!

On another occasion, to convince them that he had superhuman strength, he once challenged all the mandali to a tug of war. Even forty of the men, using all their strength, could not budge him an inch!

According to Meher Baba's order, Ghani, Ramjoo and Adi were always sitting beside him. On August 11th, Bapu Brahmin arrived from Poona. In the course of the conversation, Bapu said something which so displeased the Master that he suddenly grabbed him by the neck and lifted him off his feet. Bapu was a stout man of two hundred pounds and resisted Baba. But Baba kept a hold of Bapu and shoved him down the stairs, as if he were a weakling. Adi, Ghani and Ramjoo leapt up and followed Baba down the stairs, thinking he might decide to stay there. But, he suddenly turned around and found Ramjoo obstructing his way. Instantly, he became annoyed and slapped Ramjoo so soundly that he was utterly dazed. Shortly thereafter, Baba was his genial self again. He began speaking cordially, patting the men on the back as he talked, while Ramjoo recovered from the blow.

(Lord Meher, 1st., ed., Bhau Kalchuri, Vol 2, pp.392 -393)