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Following are six point suggestions. Kindly Judge it yourself

1-New traditions in name of Avatar Meher Baba.

As Baba lover, we should not impose on others any particular date and time special for all Baba Lovers in general for remembering Baba. Such practice shall result in new tradition for remembering Baba on that particularly that date and time. Since Baba said we should try to remember Baba all the time continuously and wholeheartedly without any barrier of date, time, space and posture. We should seek maximum opportunity to remember Baba on birthdays and anniversaries of our family members, friends and relatives as far as possible.


One new tradition has already come into existence of Prayer day on 22nd November of every year by American Baba lovers. This directive in form of request came from America in year 2012 from Naosherwan Anzar to make special prayer by American Baba lovers on behalf of suffering Baba lovers of the world (A kind of hired prayer or prayer through media). This is an undesirable tradition already created in name of Meher Baba. Baba said that hired prayer or prayer via media is totally absurd. I objected it to the then Chairman of AMBPP Trust, Mr. Bhau Kalchuri, who replied that it is via-media for others not for you as you are on the road. Meher Baba never recommended any special day for prayer once in a year. Why should it be special prayer for a day in a year only? Why not, every day, every hour, every minute or every second as directed by Meher Baba to His lovers. This makes other days less important compared to 22nd November. Why should it be made important on 22 November without any directive from Meher Baba? What authority as a Baba lover one has to issues such request or directive? Baba did not authorize any one to act like Pope or Imam.  


Another request for Japa at international level on accident day-24th May of Avatar Meher Baba came from AMC center Heartland USA. It has been accepted as directive by Baba centers all over the world and no one would refuse to it. Any kind of Japa is good and desirable for our sake and not for sake of Baba. This request for Japa on this particular date reflects as if we prayed for Baba’s recovery. Any Baba lover cannot be averse to any kind of Japa for Baba but the request/directives which had came from distinguished Baba lovers from America is not appreciated. This is a very important date but this date was never made a special for Japa by Meher Baba in His life time from 1952 to 1969. Meher Baba never issued any directive in this matter as He did for other activities on silence, birthdays and dhuni etc. Does it not amount to creating new tradition in name of Meher Baba? Baba lovers will take it as special day for doing Japa and may take other days not so important for Japa as this day. There was second accident of Meher Baba in India in 1956. May there be a second request from American or India center to make it another event more special and may create a new tradition to worship Baba once a year on this date also?


Baba lit the Dhuni at Meherabad-and directed mandali to light dhuni at Meherabad on every 12th of every month. This is being followed by the Trust. But it is learnt that few centers have started lighting dhuni at their centre premises which is not desirable and not to be copied.

3-Meditation and Yoga

Meher Baba has explalained everything on Yoga and meditation. Baba also said meditation and Yoga is useless and unnecessary for Baba lovers. Only repetition of His name is sufficient for Baba lovers which is best form of meditation. It is noticed that some of Baba lovers side by side, have associated themselves in meditation, and impart training of some kind of meditation or yoga. Few distracted are even engaged in training others and give subtle experiences to gain popularity. Such acts on part of Baba lover is not desirable and goes against Baba’s directives.   

4-Baba’s directive for centers where Baba’s statutes are installed

A life-sized bronze statue of Baba had been built and installed at Mehersthan. On February 28th, 1963, for opening ceremony, Baba sent the following eight messages to Kodury to be displayed in Mehersthan:

1) Tear away the curtain of set ceremonies and rituals and you will find that I am the Worshiped, the Worship and the Worshiper.

2) To clothe simple worship with garments of ceremony and rituals is to expose me to the cold winds of ignorance.

(3) To love faithfully the God-Man is to worship God truly.

(4) To find me here in Mehersthan, search the depth of your heart.

(5) Mehersthan is built for me with love, but I may only be found here by my lover who brings me here in his heart.

(6) As the heart is, so is the house; as the eye is, so is the Image within the house.

(7) The heart of man has always been the ancient temple for the worship of the Ancient One.

(8) Nothing can house the Ancient One that does not house love.

For Mehersthan in Hamirpur (UP) Meher Baba instructed following:

There should be strict rules framed and displayed to maintain discipline, cleanliness, and hygienic conditions in and around Mehersthan. Mehersthan should have a watchman to look after the property, but no regular and paid pujari, for every lover of Baba is in himself a true pujari.

Above directives Baba need be displayed at all centers irrespective of centers where Baba’s statute are installed.

5-Derogatory expression of creativity

It has noticed that animated pictures of Meher Baba are created depicting Him as pigmy doll, flying hawk. At least, I feel these pictures are derogatory to Baba’s status of Highest of High. Though Baba is everything and in everyone. Everyone is free for expression of his creativity skill and is doing according to Baba’s will but as Baba lover with due respect for Baba; one should not bring Him down below to a level of human. As Baba lover we are not fanatic like Mohammdans but most liberal as we should be. But why to downgrade Meher Baba by ourselves below human level in shelter of Meher Baba’s saying, He is everyone in everything unless we have developed third eye to see Him in everyone and everything. If someone had made similar expression for Muhammad he would have risked his life. Meher Baba said that all perfect Masters are alike but when it comes to following your Master, He should be kept above all others. Therefore, Baba said “Hold fast His Daaman”. So we are to look toward Baba only; and hold Him in highest esteem and should not derogate Him in our expression of creativity.

6-Distorting Baba’s Logo of Mastery in servitude

It is found that logo on “Mastery in Servitude” is being distorted by removing or adding symbol of new religion which is not proper. One distorted images of Logo is noticed where in symbol of fire is deleted and in another symbol of Sikhism is added which not a religion. The Sikhism is a sect which has come out of Hindu religion after Sadguru Nanak Dev ji.  All six symbols represent six religions after past six Avatars. The fire represent Parsi religion after Lord Zoroaster, double triangle for Judaism after Lord Abraham, Om for Hindu religion after Lord Rama & Krishna, Circle with eight spikes for Buddhism after Lord  Gautama, cross for Christianity after Lord Christ and  half moon for Mohammdan after  Lord Mohammad. As Baba lover we should preserve the original text and images related with Meher Baba.    

As Baba lover, we should try to do every thing best to develop places sanctified by Baba’s visits keeping originality of structures created by Baba in His life time.  One should do all best to spread Baba name. (America is leading in this field). Few suggestions (19 points) in article no 15 on website (www.ambprasarkendra.com) is posted. Best form of service revealed by Baba is to help someone to believe in God or Baba, It is because, and the spiritual belief in God or Baba can only bring solution for all spiritual and material problems. It therefore, Baba allowed telling others- His Name which can be done at individual and society level.

Lastly, it is Baba’s will which superimposes every thing. Anything that has happened, are happening or will happen goes according to Baba’s will (destiny) hence nothing to worry, but be happy as said by Baba. At the same way, as long as we are conscious of our separate identity from Baba, we should not seek the shelter on pretext of Baba’s saying that He is doing everything, but we should seek forgiveness from Baba for our lapses and misdeeds. For the past we may think as it was all by Baba’s will. But for present, we must act making best use of our intellect keeping Baba in back and take responsibility of our thoughts, words and actions.

All above are my personal points of view. I beg an excuse from those who differ. Certainly everyone will go according to his comciousness.