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Dear Baba Lovers and God seekers

I convey my sincere and heartfelt thanks to all Baba/God lovers, for having patronized this website by visiting more than 13.5 lac times in last 2 and half years after launch in January 2016 and sending  appreciative and encouraging comments which I find it difficult to acknowledge them individually. Therefore, I do it through this message. Website is being updated periodically. Details of update is also available in separate category on exclusive website www.ambprasarkendta.com  A search option is also made available on front / home page which can be helpful in reaching biography of any baba  lover or any topic / subject

Jai Baba to all

Birendra Kumar

C/o AMB Prasar Kendra Delhi.

Date: 7-9-2016


Dear Baba lovers

I feel happy and encouraged to read your comments / reactions for my posts But for some time I am not able to read your comments for some technical reasons. Hence through this post. I request all Baba lovers not to mind for this act of mine for which I feel sorry.

Birendra Kumar

C/o AMB Prasar Kendra Delhi.

Date: 15-9-2018.