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  1. Baba compared blue Bus with Krishna’s Chariot

Baba said, “Blue bus is like Krishna chariot and after my manifestation, people will consider it sacred.”

  1. Krishna’s Chariot

The Lord’s chariot, yoked with the horses named Saibya, Sugriva, Meghapuspa and Balahaka. Padma Purana describes Lord Krishna’s chariot horses: Saibya was green like a parrot’s wings, Sugriva yellow-gold, Meghapuspa the color of a cloud, and Balahaka whitish.”

After the war was over Sri Krishna asked Arjuna to take down the Gandiva and get off from the Chariot, as this is for his good only. Arjuna did as he was directed. After this lord Sri Krishna abandoned the reins of the steeds and dismounted himself from the chariot as well. After Sri Krishna had dismounted from that chariot, lord Hanuman that topped the mantle of Arjuna’s vehicle disappeared there and then. The top of the vehicle, which had before been burnt by Drona and Karna with their celestial weapons, the chariot with its quick pairs of steeds, yoke, and shaft, fell down, and reduced to ashes. Arjuna was amazed with this sight and with folded hands he asked Sri Krishna on why the chariot has been consumed by fire. Krishna said that the chariot was consumed by diverse kinds of weapons. It was because He had sat upon it during battle that it did not fall into pieces, previously consumed by the energy of brahmastra, it has been reduced to ashes upon His abandoning it.

  1. Preparation of Blue Bus

Preparations for the bus journey went on throughout the month of November 1938. Sarosh had had the body of the bus built in Bombay, according to Baba's precise specifications. Because it was painted blue, it became known as the Blue Bus. On 8th December 1938, Baba left Meherabad Hill in the Blue Bus with the following women

Preparations for the bus journey were going on throughout the month of November 1938. Sarosh had had the body of the bus built in Bombay, according to Baba's precise specifications. Because it was painted blue, it became known as the Blue Bus.

Baba instructed the women about the tour in detail. Rano was assigned the duty of packing and unpacking at every stop; Kitty was to keep food and refreshments ready. In this way, each had her own particular duties to attend to.

On 7 December, Baba approached Eruch, "Are you coming with us?" Eruch replied that it did not matter one way or the other to him. Baba spelled out, "Even to be indifferent is to keep something inside, and what is wanted is to be free of this 'something.' ”Come with me!"

That morning, Sarosh arrived with the bus and Padri drove it up the path to Meherabad Hill, and Eruch and Kaka loaded the baggage on top of it. There were so many packs of foodstuffs, cooking utensils, suitcases, bedding rolls, et cetera, that at one point Kaka, 48, fainted from exhaustion and fell down while heaving them on top of the bus. Eruch, who was 22 then and very strong, completed the task. When they were finished piling everything aboard, the bus had taken on quite a different appearance — similar to a gypsy caravan. (1938)

  1. Men & women associated with Blue Bus

Mehera, Mani, Naja, Khorshed, Soonamasi, Walu, Mansari, Gaimai, Manu, Meheru Jessawala, Kakubai, Elizabeth, Hedi, Helen,  Irene, Kitty, Nadine, Nonny, Norina, Rano, Thus, there were eleven Eastern women, nine Western women, two men mandali and Baba: a total of 23 persons. Elizabeth was the main driver.

  1. Places visited by Baba on Blue Bus

Meher Baba traveled with 23 men and women including Himself to contact purposefully masts in number of cities in India between years 1938 to 1941.

Meher Baba travelled Sholapur, New Delhi, Ajmer, Alwar, Jaipur, Jabalpur, Katni, Gersoppa, Karwar, Nagpur Meherabad, Bangalore, Hassan. Bangalore, Arsikere, Kandy, Calicut, Mannar, Ambala, Ludhiana Jullundur, Amritsar, Lahore, Multan, Quetta, Khar, Muzaffargarh and Dehradun

For their return journey to Meherabad, Baba sent for Sarosh to come to Dharwar and drive the Blue Bus to Ahmednagar. On 27th November 1941, Baba spelled out to Sarosh in front of Chanji, Nilu and Vishnu, “This is the last journey of the Blue Bus. You are very lucky to drive myself and the mandali in this bus on its last trip. You were the one who had it built and now it is you who are taking it on its final journey”.

  1. Lottery of Blue Bus

Baba said, after My manifestation, people will consider it sacred it is like Krishna Chariot. This bus should be sold in lottery among our close ones and winner should keep it on condition that he does not derive any commercial benefit from it either by keeping it on hire or by selling it. This bus has great importance and to be kept it preserved as essential. I have done much work through it and it is Sarosh’s good fortune to be driving God in person on its final run.

Nov., 1941, at Dharwar, Sunday, December 28th, had been fixed as the date for drawing the lottery for the Blue Bus. One hundred of Meher Baba’s followers and lovers had sent in their donations of fifty rupees each. On that day Baba indicated to the mandali, “The bus will go to one outside my circle who resides at a great distance from Meherabad.”

Baba drew the raffle Himself in the mast ashram at five o’clock that afternoon, and true to his words, Keki Desai of Delhi won it. Keki was informed, and he expressed his respect for Baba by giving the bus back to Baba from his heart. Baba accepted his gesture, and the bus stayed in Ahmednagar, where Sarosh had it overhauled.

  1. Repair of Blue Bus

On 22 June, 1949, Baba inspected the Blue Bus cabin, and gave detailed instructions for each man and woman at Meherazad during the period of His seclusion and Baba entered the Blue Bus to begin His 40-day seclusion. The Blue Bus had been placed directly under a neem tree. Baba remained in seclusion in the Blue Bus.

On 28 July 1950, the New Life caravan arrived in Ahmednagar from Dehra Dun. The New Life caravan, along with the Blue Bus, was a significant vehicle of Baba's travels during this advent, and they are preserved at Meherazad. Meheru had helped as cook during the Blue Bus travels.

In 1959, Francis told Baba that the Blue Bus and New Life Caravan were of historic interest. "People in the future will be interested in seeing them," he pointed out. Since they are deteriorating in the harsh Indian climate, they should be properly restored and preserved." Francis sought Baba's permission to carry out this work himself.

On 21 August 1959, Baba gave him permission, stating, "Start the repairs and take any help you require. Whatever material is not available here will be brought from the market." Baba sanctioned Rs.1, 000 for this work.

8.-Preservation & storage of Blue Bus

(The Blue Bus is now permanently grounded at Meherazad where Baba’s surgical bed, on which   He dropped His Body, is kept).