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Dear delegates

I wish to introduce the name, Avatar Meher Baba a personality of Highest Sufi order, who declared Himself Avatar of the Age and identified Himself as same Ancient one As Lord Zoroaster, Rama Krishna, Buddha Christ and Mohammad and now He is Meher Baba

The Sufism order was established by founder Inayat Khan a saint of fifth plane. Later Rabia Martin was initiated by Inayat Khan as His successor. After passing of Rabia Martin, Murshida Ivy Duce succeeded as Chairperson of “Sufism Reoriented” in America.

American delegates might be aware of the names Meher Baba, since “Sufism reoriented” an American organization, a American spiritual order was created by Meher Baba in 1952 to help Western seekers who aspire to live the highest principles of divine love as the central focus of their lives.

Now, this order is both a school of inner development and a community of shared outer life and work, now guided by its spiritual director or Murshida, Dr. Carol Weyland Conner. The title of Murshida means “guide” or “teacher”. It denotes a level of spiritual insight and experience necessary to help students draw closer to God. The relationship of teacher and student is at the heart of the order’s life and work.

Murshida Ivy Duce was the ardent follower and accepted Meher Baba as Avatar though she not met Meher Baba in person. Meher Baba appointed Ivy O. Duce as the first Murshida (Teacher) of Sufism Reoriented. She had long correspondence through Secretary of Avatar Meher Baba because Meher Baba did not speak for long 44 years since 1925 till dropping His body in 1969.

Vilayat Khan, son of Inayat khan met Meher Baba in Meherabad (India). Extract of His conversation is produced as under:

Vilayat said, “I have come to Baba prompted by my Murshid to meditate on you in your physical presence.”

Meher Baba found Vilayat Khan of good heart, but his understanding was not deep, and he was not of the same spiritual status as his father (mental-conscious). Baba dictated the following six points for him to live by:

“Do not run away from your own lower self.

“Do not renounce the world; renounce your own lower self.

“Do not seek solitude anywhere but within your own self, because you are eternally all alone to your own Self.

“Silently cry out within your own self: ‘Beloved One, reveal yourself to me as my own, real, infinite Self.’

“It is you who are obstructing yourself from finding your Self. So try to lose your lower self by continual remembrance of God, Who is your real Self.

“Do not become Master of disciples until you have mastered your own self.”

In conclusion, Baba emphasized: “The only proper thing for a genuine seeker to do is to surrender completely to a Perfect Master. A life of obedience and surrenderance is the only solution when one is fortunate to have caught hold of the feet of a Perfect Master.

“Really speaking, love and devotion for Beloved God are all that are necessary on this path. Meditation is neither devotion nor love, but a mental pursuit in pinning down the object of one’s thoughts before one’s mind’s eye.”

Baba asked Vilayat, “Did you listen attentively to what I have told you?” Vilayat replied in the affirmative.

Baba then stated, “Because you have come all this distance to see me, I want you to do one very simple thing. Spare five minutes every night at twelve o’clock and meditate on Baba. Concentrate on my face.”

Vilayat said, “This would annoy my Murshid.”

Baba replied, “If your Murshid were a Perfect Master, he would never get annoyed. And if your Master were to be annoyed over this, he could never be a Murshid!

“When you say you were prompted by your Murshid to meditate on me in my physical presence, it is absurd to say that the Murshid would be annoyed if his mureed were to spare five minutes every night to meditate on me in my physical absence, particularly when I give such an instruction to one who has come all this distance to meditate on me.”

Baba ended by instructing Vilayat Khan, “Please yourself, but you should at least do one thing for me. You must read God Speaks from the first to the last page.”

Following is the brief of Rabia Martins’ Contact with Meher Baba

Rabia" Martin, 70, had been initiated into Sufism by Inayat Khan in 1911 and was later made head or Murshida of Sufism in America. She met Norina and Elizabeth in San Francisco in 1942

Rabia became convinced that Meher Baba was an extraordinary spiritual figure. She was profoundly affected by her internal experience of the Master and offered her Sufi retreat center in Fairfax near San Francisco for Baba's. Rabia Martin studied Baba's writings intensely and began a correspondence with him. She also grew closer to Norina and Elizabeth through repeated visits to New York City where their descriptions of life with Baba and his philosophy rapidly formed within her a central pillar of conviction of the importance of Baba as the key spiritual figure of our age

Over the next three years, In April 1945.  She stayed in New York and then Myrtle Beach until July. Rabia's inner experiences during those months confirmed her intuitive understanding that Baba was the living embodiment of Sufism and the divine incarnation of God — the Rasool or Avatar.

In May 1945, at Myrtle Beach, Rabia asked Baba by letter to accept herself as his student, and then on his acceptance, wrote further to ask him to take the responsibility for the spiritual guidance of the Sufi Order, which he accepted.

After receiving Baba's reply, in the autumn of 1945, Rabia Martin announced to her Sufi students that her work was now dedicated to Meher Baba. She then announced that a major meeting would be held at the Fairfax Sufi school property, at which her guests would address her Sufi Initiates, giving them the benefit of their close knowledge of and relationship with Meher Baba.

She Fairfax meeting was duly held, after which Rabia Martin advised her mureeds separately that she would give them two weeks to make their decision to follow their Murshida under Meher Baba's spiritual guidance, or to ask her to release them from their initiation vows in the Sufi Order. All of Rabia Martin's mureeds present at the Fairfax occasion reported their adherence to their Murshida in following her under the spiritual guidance of Meher Baba.

In the following months, she began to share her understanding of Meher Baba with her closest Sufi students, which included Ivy O. Duce, Don Stevens and Samuel Lewis.  During regular meetings involving her total membership from the San Francisco Bay Area, she utilized primarily for her presentations the small blue booklet titled The Divine Theme. She had one of the mureeds greatly enlarge the charts from this work, which she pinned to a movable board, and referred to it constantly as she lectured.

During this period, Rabia also moved to formalize her commitment to Baba by giving him all the material resources and possessions of her Sufi Order, which included her Sufi School at Fairfax. She dedicated everything she had to Baba, and wrote to him: "Feeling is living — I feel what you awaken and teach — so I must cry out and ask you to come and fill my heart and our hearts so full of love that only Love can remain."

Baba replied, through Adi Sr.: "Baba knows you. He knows how you feel. He knows how you aspire. He knows how you love. He knows what you desire. He sends his deepest love and blessings from his Infinite Heart."

After receiving Baba's reply, in the autumn of 1945, Rabia Martin announced to her Sufi students that her work was now dedicated to Meher Baba and that if they wished to remain in her Sufi group, their spiritual allegiance would need to be to him. Rabia declared that Baba's life, work and message were the essence of Sufism as it was to be lived now and in the future. She was totally dedicated to Meher Baba and fully accepted him as the Avatar, though she had not yet met him face-to-face.

An account of Ivy O. Duce and Charmian Sufism Reoriented meet with Avatar Meher Baba

On January 7th, 1948, Ivy Oneita Duce with her teenage daughter, Charmian, arrived in Pimpalgaon to meet Baba for the first time. Upon seeing Baba, Ivy wept and her first meeting led to a lifetime of surrender and service at her Beloved's feet. She later recalled:

Never had I seen such eyes before – I did not have any idea that such eyes could exist – and yet, here I was looking straight into them through a mist of tears. I scarcely noted that they were brown, very large, keenly intelligent, flashing, expressive, for they had another quality that intrigued and tantalized me as I sat before him. I kept trying to analyze it in the back of my mind while still striving to focus on a person who was going to mean, I hoped, the end of a long quest.

Meher Baba appointed Ivy O. Duce as the first Murshida (Teacher) of Sufism Reoriented.

On In late March, Meher Baba responded to a letter from Ivy Duce dated February 15th, 1948.

March 29th, 1948

Dear Mrs. Ivy Duce,

Hazrat Meher Baba wishes me to further emphasize that you should go on without hesitation and demur in furthering the cause of Sufism in the best manner you can.

Your contacts with Sufi leaders of South America and the followers of Mahboob Khan in the States and Europe are all left to your own initiative. The only thing that is expected of you is to uphold the highest traditions of spirituality, that is, Sufism pure and simple. You are not to compromise yourself with individual and local interests at any cost. Hazrat Meher Baba will be helping you internally and even your failures, on occasions beyond your control, will raise your stature, not only in your eyes but even with those whom you are working for.

It would intrigue you to note something new from me concerning professionalism in the domain of spirituality as practiced in India. The present upholders of the various schools of spirituality in India are all professionals who, beyond having deep learning of religious lore, have no tinge of spirituality about them. When people whose sole authority is derived from religious scriptures and also the heredity devolving on them from a spiritual Master no longer alive, they can never take upon themselves the responsibility of guiding others, much less claim the authority of conferring Khilafatship [Successor ship] on possible aspirants.

It can thus be seen that no certification from Hasan Nizami or any Chishti school from

Ajmer or elsewhere would go to help and uphold the prestige of Mahboob Khan or

Others like him. Even the certification of Khilafatship obtained by Murshida Rabia Martin from Hasan Nizami, copies of which you gave me while in India, is of no spiritual worth whatsoever. The spiritual worth of Rabia Martin consists in being appointed as Murshida by Hazrat Inayat Khan personally and directly. Hence the effort on the part of Rabia Martin to obtain a written investiture from Hasan Nizami was altogether superfluous and unnecessary.

For the continuance of the work of spiritually enlightened humanity, it is never imperatively essential to contact disembodied Masters, nor is it necessary to receive messages from departed souls. It is only living Masters actually working on the physical plane that sometimes communicate or send messages of guidance through and to suitable mediums.

The sending of messages even by living Masters is a rare phenomenon and very seldom resorted to, unless the urgency of the situation warrants it. The Masters who are out to guide humanity always do so by having recourse to ordinary and natural means of communication. When Masters in flesh avoid all occult methods of teaching and guiding humanity through appointed mediums, whatever may be their intrinsic worth, you can imagine how tall and presumptuous the claim of certain individuals can be when they talk of receiving messages from Masters, and that too from those who are no more on the physical plane of existence. You are therefore enjoined by Hazrat Meher Baba to remember that nobody should succeed in impressing or overawing you by such claims as having the capability of receiving messages from Masters, living or dead.

Hazrat Meher Baba has once again taken this opportunity of reiterating the advice given to you while here in India:

"You should openly declare that you are a student of spirituality. You are not God-realized and that you are aspiring for that blessedness with the help and grace of a Master who is alive and active in the affairs of the world today. Since the responsibility – not of your seeking – of supervising    the Sufi movement has devolved on you through Murshida Rabia Martin, you would do your best to shoulder the Cross, knowing fully well your shortcomings and weaknesses. While trying to help and teach others in the Sufi way, you are alive to the fact that you yourself are growing and learning. The result of your work when conducted in this spirit should be left entirely in the hands of Baba."

Hazrat Meher Baba is gratified to note that you are trying to introduce him as the Avatar and Qutub of the Sufis in the world around you, and that you are working there under his benign guidance and direction. If you keep up to this noncommittal and detached modus operandi, without prevarication and the least signs of hesitation and doubts, it will be up to Hazrat Baba to give you strength and added zeal in the execution of your work. So far as things go, it may be adduced that if Baba is looked up to as the only source of inspiration and guidance, then whatever obstacles, difficulties and disappointments that you will have to face for his sake, you can be sure, he will never let you down.

With regard to papers and additional lessons and instructions for Sufi students, you would do well to introduce Hazrat Meher Baba's Discourses for developing the Irfan (Gnosis) of aspirants. On the practical side of spiritual life, the chapter in the Discourses, Part III, would go a long way in helping Sufi initiates in the matter of Meditation practices over and above the papers that you already possess. The reading of Baba's Discourses would automatically develop gnosis of the Path for spiritual aspirants and in the light of this gnosis, all practices or papers undertaken would make the task divinely interesting and spiritually intelligent.

Hazrat Meher Baba is not unmindful of the need to send out to the West an authorized guide and teacher from among his trained disciples, and he will do so at his own proper time. In the meanwhile, you should continue contacts on your side of the world – in Arizona, Brazil, Australia and elsewhere. If aspirants from such far-flung places feel like having more information on Sufistic way of life, they should be asked to get in touch with Hazrat Baba, who would see to it that their difficulties are solved and mental obstacles removed.

You already know that Sufism, Vedanta and Christian mysticism are one and the same in the matter of dealing with the esoteric side of life. The only difficulty with sincere aspirants is to contact the right type of teacher. For people who are keen on furthering their spiritual way of life by means of the Sufi cult and the Sufi teaching, they should have no hesitation to refer their difficulties to Hazrat Baba who would solve their difficulties for them in the manner they would most welcome.

With Love and Blessings from the Master for you and Charmian.

I remain,

Yours in Baba,

(Dr.) Abdul Ghani Munsiff

Let me read brief biography, proclamation of Avatar Meher Baba and What is He said on world peace and His directives.


Meher Baba is a contemporary personality who publically declared Himself as “Avatar of the Age” in 1954. Meherwan Sheriar Irani, later called as Meher Baba by His followers was born in Poona (now Pune) in India on Feb, 25, 1894 to a Persian parents. In 1913 when He was returning home from college on bicycle, Hazrat Babajan, a lady Perfect Master of that time kissed on forehead of Meher Baba, thereby bestowed Him instant God realization and made Him aware of His highest spiritual destiny.

Afterwards, in year 1914, Meher Baba was drawn to other four Perfect Masters of the time namely Upasni Maharaj of Sakori, Sai Baba of Shirdi, Tajuddin Baba of Nagpur and Narain Maharaj of Kedgaon. Upasni Maharaj made him to regain His body consciousness. Meher Baba attained spiritual perfection in 1921.  Sai Baba of Shirdi and Meher Baba prostrated to each other, Sai Baba exclaiming “Parvardigar” (God Almighty, incarnation of Lord Vishnu). Upasni Maharaj said “Meherwan, You are the Avatar and I salute you”. Narayan Maharaj garlanded Meher baba and made Him sit on his throne, later telling people “He is perfect man”. Tajuddin Baba caressed Meherwan’s cheeks with roses, calling him “My rose, my heavenly rose”.

Meher Baba’s Avataric activities

First phase of His spiritual mission started in 1921, when He drew His close disciples who gave Him the name “Meher Baba” meaning “Compassionate Father”. After years of intensive training of disciples, in 1923, He established a colony called Meherabad near Ahmednagar in Maharashtra. Master’s work embraced opening of free school, dispensary and shelters for poor, mast ashram, bathing, clothing and washing feet of lepers and destitute. He demonstrated the real selfless service with the motto of Mastery in Servitude".

Second aspect of His Avataric activity was His divine silence. Meher Baba observed silence from July 10, 1925 and continued for 44 years till dropping His body in Jan 1969. First, He used an alphabet board to communicate, later He communicated through gestures and an interpreter. He carried out all His activities of selfless service, spiritual discourses, and messages and dictated the book "God Speaks” through alphabet board in silence. This book reveals the mysteries of universe as how it came into existence and experiences of journey from God to man (evolution) and man to God (involution). His silence is unparallel and divine. He said “This is my silent advent (Mauna Avatar). I have spoken lot in my previous forms and rendered Zend-Avesta, Gita, Bible and Quran. In this age of publicity and propaganda, I shall work through silence. I have come not to teach but to awaken”.

Third and Important work of His Avataric mission was to contact God intoxicated souls called Masts who deserved His contact. Meher Baba contacted such souls in person, gave them spiritual push and advanced them in their spiritual journey. For this work, Meher baba travelled 75,000 miles to remote places throughout India, Ceylon and Pakistan and contacted over 20,000 advanced souls individually. A chronological account of these Masts (spiritually advanced souls) to whom Meher Baba contacted, their features, their response to Meher Baba with date and place of contact is given in the book titled “Wayfarers" (Pathik). This is the most authentic account of Meher Baba’s work with masts. Meher baba said “I have not come for the crowd but for those few ones who are lost in the crowd”.

Other aspects of Meher Baba’s Avataric activity were demonstration of living a life of a spiritual aspirant with all helplessness and hopelessness i.e. living on total surrenderance to God. This period was named as "New Life" which was lived by Meher Baba and His selected disciples with all humility and weakness in search of God from 1949 to 1952. He practically begged for alms for His disciples and lived in total surrenderance to God.

Avatar Meher Baba undertook universal suffering that an Avatar undergoes voluntarily. Meher Baba was involved in two car accidents without break in His silence. One accident occurred near Prague (Oklahoma, USA) in May, 1952. The other took at Satara (India) in December, 1956. In the first, Baba’s left side was damaged from head to foot. In the second Baba’s right side was badly damaged. Meher Baba said “Ordinary man suffers for himself, Perfect Master (Sadguru) suffers for humanity whereas, the Avatar suffers for one and all beings.

Meher Baba travelled to western world thirteen times. His first visit was in 1931, and last in 1958 when He and His disciples stayed at the center, established for His work at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina in USA.

Meher Baba’s Philosophy

According to Meher Baba- “Aim of life is to love God and goal of life is to become God. There is no creature that is not destined for supreme goal, just as there is no river which is not winding its way to sea”.

Every soul is consciously or unconsciously traversing spiritual journey and heading toward God-realization. May it take millions of births to achieve this Goal?

Meher Baba said every soul is trying to find the answer of one original question as “Who AM I” and ultimately gets one final answer to this question as "I AM GOD”. Every soul is destined for the God realization. In fact whole world is a big dream. As a man we are waking but as God we are dreaming. According to destiny, at appropriate time one starts self introspection or develops intuition to tread upon spiritual path of self realization by himself or coming into contact of a saint, guru, Sadguru or Avatar. Meher Baba said “Love God and become God. In order to love God love Me. I am the God personified”.

Meher Baba said “Miracles are small illusions in the great illusion called the world”. Performing miracles to attract others for own following is no proof of one’s high spiritual status but his distraction from the spiritual path.

Meher Baba does not advocate any rites or rituals unless it is done with pure heart and all sincerity.  Baba said “I belong to no religion but all religions belong to Me”. Love is only path which Meher Baba professed in this Avatarhood. He does not endorse any kind of meditation, yoga renunciation and austerities for his lovers. Try to remember Me constantly. Come all unto Me. be resigned to my will and hold fast to My Daman”

According to Meher Baba, reading and writing is less important from spiritual point of view. These can lead an intellectual to the threshold of spirituality. But to tread upon the spiritual path, remembrance, love, obedience and surrender to Avatar or living Sadguru has real meaning.

Meher Baba’s on War and World Peace

Meher Baba said war is a necessary evil. Natural calamity, disasters, war and epidemic etc are God ordained beyond control of human and we as individual or as society can do our best to meet the situation and hope for the best results.

Meher Baba had predicted the world war On Monday, 3 June 1940, Baba remarked

“This two-month special seclusion is for my special Universal work, particularly to speed things up regarding the war. After the stirring-up during the seclusion period, unusually startling changes will take place in the war situation. One after the other, 32 nations in all will eventually be involved, including Italy and America. Situations will be so grave they will verge on breathlessness! All of a sudden, unexpected developments will take place which will be the turning points. Those who had the upper hand will be eventually subdued and thrown off, and others, who had been strangled and made to suffer in breathless suspense all these months, along with millions of others in the world, will breathe a sigh of relief!

During these ten days of my seclusion, I shall decide definitely the length of time this war will last, and exactly when it will end. There must be a real world war in which India will be involved 100 percent, and places under Mohammedan rule, such as Iran, Afghanistan, Turkey, Egypt, and so forth, will also be entrapped in it, while Italy, Russia and America will play very active parts.

When truly understood, all conflicts and wars are seen to be a part of the divine game; they are thus a result of the Divine Will which finds expression in the world of manifestation, through the help of maya or the cosmic power which creates and sustains the illusory world of duality. The purpose served by maya in the divine game is twofold: First, it can be instrumental in entrapping the soul in the mazes of illusion, and second it can also be instrumental in freeing the soul from the clutches of spiritual ignorance and bondage. Maya should not be ignored; it must be handled with detachment and understanding. Wars are the working of maya; they would be spiritually disastrous or otherwise, according to whether they are inspired by attachment or detachment for the creations of maya.

Although it seems difficult, humanity has to emerge out of this dreadful war with unimpaired spiritual integrity, with hearts free from the poison of malice or revenge, with minds disburdened of the blows given or received, with souls unscathed by suffering and filled with the spirit of unconditional surrenderance to the divine will which shall ensoul and inspire post-war humanity. In spite of its attendant evils, this war shall play its part in my mission of helping humanity to fulfill the Divine Plan on earth and to inherit the coming Era of Truth and Love, of Peace and Universal Brotherhood, of Spiritual Understanding and Unbounded Creativity.

Apropos of numerous inquiries from my followers, seeking guidance and instructions in the eventuality of the war directly and palpably affecting India, I have to call upon all concerned to go about their routine avocations, duties, and responsibilities, in a spirit of detachment, love, charity and hope, and to observe the following instructions meant for the category in which they are placed.

Baba gave following directions to His disciples which applies to all delegates and general masses.

  1. They should be above party politics and should bear malice and ill-will toward none.
  2. They should observe all the precautionary measures of war for civil population enforced by the Government of the day.
  3. They should continue as usual discharging their special duties and work for my Spiritual Cause unless otherwise directed by me.
  4. They should stick to their post and appointments anywhere in India, under any trying circumstances, unless ordered by the Government to evacuate under emergency regulations.
  5. They may undertake humanitarian and relief work of a non-sectarian character, without identifying themselves with any party or political organization working in that direction, and strictly within the scope of time and leisure left over after the performance of spiritual duties enjoined by me.
  6. They should extend spiritual solace and comfort to the people within the area of their contacts and influence with a view to counteracting the panicky state of their mind.
  7. Exceptional cases and circumstances, requiring readjustment of routine lives may be communicated to me.
  8. Kumar

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