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Dear Baba lovers

The main objective of Avatar Meher Baba Prasar Kendra Delhi is to spread the name Of Avatar Meher Baba in general public, who are not aware of Baba’s name, through electronic, print media and exclusive internet web page viz: launched for the purpose on Amartithi 2016. It is also meant to share view on Baba’s discourses (philosophy), spiritual revelations, messages, episodes, inspiring stories and articles among Baba lovers who may find it encouraging in their effort to love Baba more and more as  Baba’ wills. It is going to be consistent with Baba’s directive: Let others know My name and it is My responsibility to reach from their ear to their heart.

The Prasar Kendra will make all out effort to canvass about Meher Baba though out India and abroad with the help of young, energetic, devoted and committed Baba lovers from major cities in India though distribution of handbills, notices, arranging public functions to create general awareness in public about Avatar Meher Baba without expecting any result. The detailed guidelines to propagate Baba's name is elaborated in article no 26 in this website under heading "Articles".

Avatar Meher Baba Prasar Kendra is a non-profit unregistered association of old and young Baba Lovers. At present, expenditure on its activities is being met by its own resources, supplemented by sale of published compilations.

Prasar Kendra also intends to publish the compilations viz “Fortunate souls” (4 volumes) and “Semblance of Episodes” (one volume). The compilations shall be published on availability of funds through our own resources and contributions received. Donors shall be provided complimentary copy of the books so published and their names shall be displayed on web page. Any profit gained from the sale of books shall either be utilized in further publication or books or prasar activities of Kendra which is now an unregistered association. Donations received shall be accounted and proper receipt be issued. Account of income and expenditure shall also be updated periodically and statement can be viewed on home page of this website.

Baba lovers may contribute any amount in cash, cheque or by NEFT in PNB Bank A/C No. 4989000100052956 with IFSC code: PUNB0498900, and international swift code PUNBINBBISB We can be contacted at our mob No, postal address, or email id. mentioned below. Please consider donating whatever you can afford.
Thank you.

Founder member
Avatar Meher Baba Prasar Kendra, Delhi
Address: B-2/62, Sector 16, Rohini, Delhi 110089.
Mob; 91-97117 89177 Land line: 011-27882410